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LK Information  5 Jan 2013 14:33:56 GMT  Report for Abuse  
keep wanking

national sport in peeelaaammmm......

muuuthrakumar taking the lead and peeelamayaa following very religiously......LMAO....:))))))

peelamaaaa...... addi daaa addeeee.....:))

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LK Information  5 Jan 2013 15:25:31 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Sri Lanka seeks new IMF loan as investments falter

Sri Lanka intends to ask for another loan from the IMF of $1 billion after foreign investments in infrastructure failed to materialise in the formerly war-torn island, a top official said Friday.

The government will discuss borrowing another billion dollars from the International Monetary Fund this year after drawing down a previous $2.6 billion IMF bailout loan six months ago, Treasury chief Punchi Banda Jayasundera said.

'We are asking the IMF to extend budget support,' Jayasundera told reporters in Colombo, explaining that the money would be used for government spending.

An IMF team is expected in Colombo later this month for talks.

Jayasundera said delays in construction work had slowed the in-flow of foreign direct investment (FDI) which stood at about a billion dollars in 2012, 50 percent down from the government's original target for the year.

Sri Lanka is still facing international censure over allegations that up to 40,000 civilians were killed in 2009 in the final months of its ethnic war pitting the largely Sinhalese army against Tamil separatists.

The government denies the claims.

Stupid Stinky Beggars begging bowl just got bigger..!

Wat a 'Debacle of Asia' who lives on beggar doles in its bowl ???


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LK Information  5 Jan 2013 15:27:48 GMT  Report for Abuse  
See tru paiththayan and Chennai guu stinky

Is this your so called non violent Hindu culture?

India gang-rape shock: Accounts emerge of brutal abuse by underager

Indian prosecutors revealed shocking details about a recent infamous gang-rape. A juvenile suspect was the most brutal abuser: He reportedly pulled out the victim s intestine, and offered to toss her out of the bus. He may avoid capital punishment.
The details emerged as five other men allegedly involved in the rape and murder of the 23-year old student were officially charged in court Thursday.
All five men admitted to torturing and raping the student, saying they wanted 'to teach her a lesson' after she fought back and bit three of them, Reuters reported, citing a police source.
On Thursday, Delhi Police filed a 1,000-page charge sheet a formal document of accusation prepared by Indian law-enforcement agencies in the metropolitan magistrate's court in Saket.
Ram Singh, the main accused in the case, his brother Mukesh and their accomplices Pawan Gupta, Vinay Sharma and Akshay Thakur have all been charge-sheeted for the offenses of murder, gang-rape, attempted murder, kidnapping, unnatural offenses, hurting in committing robbery, destruction of evidence, criminal conspiracy and common intention under the Indian Penal Code, the Hindu newspaper reported.
The police dossier included testimony from the woman's companion, who was also attacked by the men but survived, and a man who claimed that he was robbed by the same gang prior to the rape.
The sixth suspect, who according to school records is 17, will be tried separately in a juvenile court, according to Indian law.
The juvenile was reportedly the most brutal abuser of all six men, police said. He, along with Ram Singh, subjected the 23-year-old physiotherapist to sexual abuse twice, including while she was unconscious.

Lawyers shout slogans as they hold placards and a banner during a protest demanding the juducial system act faster against rape outside a district court in New Delhi January 3, 2013. (Reuters/Adnan Abidi)
'Both of them
Ram Singh and the juvenile
had subjected her to sexual abuse twice. Singh was the first to rape her, followed by the juvenile and then Akshay. Later when she lost consciousness, Singh and the juvenile raped her a second time,' the Hindustan Times newspaper quotes one of the officers as saying.
The charge sheet revealed the juvenile also pulled out the victim s intestine with his bare hands, and suggested throwing the victim naked off the moving vehicle.
Despite being the most vicious abuser, the juvenile is the only one of the six who will not be sentenced to death if found guilty, because of his age. The maximum sentence he may receive is three years in a correctional home from a Juvenile Justice Board he also has a chance of being granted bail.
The age of the minor has yet to be officially verified officials have conducted a bone density test to verify the claims.
The juvenile should be hanged along with five others
The victim s father has demanded the 17-year old abuser be punished first and hanged along with the others.
'The juvenile should be punished first. He was the one who lured my daughter into the bus and tortured her most mercilessly. He should be hanged like the other five accused, Indian Economic Times newspaper quoted the victim s father as saying.
The father also demanded a change in Indian law to allow the execution of juveniles.
'Imagine his brutality when he is 17 what a demon he would become once he is older? The government should reduce the juvenile age to 12 or 15 years,' he told the newspaper. They are a threat to every woman on the street.'
The father also demanded that new legislation on sex crimes to be named in honor of his daughter.
The district Saket court, where the trial will take place, is expected to assign a defense lawyer for the five men after the bar association refused to represent them.

Indian students of various organisations hold placards as they shout slogans during a demonstration in Hyderabad on January 3, 2013. (AFP Photo/Noah Seelam)
'The Saket Bar Association with 2,500 members stands by its resolution not to represent the accused,' Bar Vice President Arun Rathi said.
The Delhi Bar Association also said it would represent the accused.
'We discussed the issue with office-bearers of various bar associations and it has been decided that no lawyer from the Capital will appear for the accused,' association member Rajiv Khosla said.
Lawyers in black robes protested outside the court on Thursday, demanding the judicial system act faster against rape.
An Indian physiotherapy student was brutally raped by the six men on December 16, and died of her injuries last Saturday while being treated in a Singapore hospital.
The violence sparked mass protests in New Delhi, with people, particularly women, demanding punishment for those responsible, as well as new laws to protect Indian women.
New Delhi has an infamous reputation as India s rape capital, with a report from the Hindustan Times documenting more than 20 rape cases since December 16 in the city.
The incident has drawn international attention to the problem of the violence against women in India, where rape victims often do not come forward to the police for fear of shaming their families or being ignored by police.

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LK Information  5 Jan 2013 15:32:31 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Barbaric Hindu culture at its best, and these idiots are talking abt peace, non violence and justice in SL

A total of 635 rapes were reported to the city's police between January and November 2012, according to the Press Trust of India. Of the 754 suspects arrested, just one has so far been convicted.

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LK Information  5 Jan 2013 16:05:49 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Almost all these monkeys( ooops Sri Lankan citizens) have no clue what a democracy is, let alone the seperation of powers between the judiciary and the legislature!!

MR, CBK, RP or JRJ, our constitution is a fool's paradise. At least MR has been good enough use it with some check.

Now that 18th A is in force, Just wait till a real maniac comes to power!!Its only a question of when, not if!

These monkeys( citizens) will be long gone by then..

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LK Information  5 Jan 2013 16:12:17 GMT  Report for Abuse  
In your logic we will not have a leader, isn't it? LOL Don't forget that we still have some very good uncorrupted leaders who can serve this country

Oh, The Humanity!
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LK Information  5 Jan 2013 16:15:35 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Marriage registration fee was increased to 5000LKR

just got bigger..!

keep wnking

can you imagine the trouble Sri Lanka is going to have in March? and this impeachment will make our ground more shaky

There may be trouble ahead In Shaky Wnkers Square..., but thank goodness for making the revolution in March, spunky not bloody!

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LK Information  5 Jan 2013 17:19:52 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Udawatta and UVR

I watched this discussion on TV which went for more than 1 hr, he explained clearly that the procedure followed by PSC was in accordance with the constitution.

If you have a problem with the constitution then its a seperate issue :)

I suggest everyone to watch this discussion if you can find it online

BTW Sarath N Silva was no good either during his term, but what matters here is his knowledge in the subject matter

Edited By - megashane - 5 Jan 2013 17:23:38 GMT
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LK Information  5 Jan 2013 19:31:34 GMT  Report for Abuse  
[If you have a problem with the constitution then its a seperate issue :)]

I agree 100%. But with 18th A, our constitution is heavily tilted towards the executive. Even the change of the constitution to one of balance is now unthinkable. At least earlier Presidential term was limited to 2 terms. JRJ deserves some credit on that.

Which President now or in the future would want to give up all that juicy power?
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LK Information  5 Jan 2013 20:40:26 GMT  Report for Abuse  
[UPFA member of the Kelaniya Pradeshiya Sabha member Hasitha Madawala has been shot dead by an unidentified gunman near his home at Waragoda, Kelaniya around 7.30 pm today (5), Police said.

The victim, who is said to be a supporter of the Kelaniya PS Chairman, succumbed to his injuries on admission to the National Hospital.[

Hak...hak...Moda Shame's freedom!

Hope this bugger gets out alive being a yes...yes...moron!
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