A call that should be wholeheartedly heeded

  • 31 Jul 2011 16:03:31 GMT

    The western governments need money for their political survival and who better to get it from than the tamil diaspora who set out conditions to them,to tow the diaspora`s line in authenticating false accusations and bring disrepute to Sri Lanka if these guys are to be financed.Ban ki Moon is still receiving aid from these people and hence,he is still trying his best to divide Sri Lanka.If this is so then why is he trying to reunite North and South Korea? The tamils in Sri Lanka dont need the diaspora to tell them what they should do,these people know what is to be done.

    You guys fled the country,created the LTTE terrorist and left your tamil brothers and sisters and the whole population of Sri Lanka at the mercy of these terrorists while you enjoyed your lives abroad.Now that the terrorist are no more,let peace prevail and the parties concerned in Sri Lanka, hammer out a long lasting solution and live in harmony.Its not easy but it is possible to reach an agreement.

  • 31 Jul 2011 17:31:28 GMT

    [That is, the majority of the people of the North are continuing to pledge their allegiance to peace and the democratic way of life. Terror, in other words, is standing condemned by the majority of the Northern people. ]

    But the government is not, as they used the military and paramilitaries like EPDP and TMVP to use violence against TNA to bar it`s canvassing in certain parts of N and E namely northern islets.

    EPDP kill or attack journalists with iron rods to stop them writing about their atrocities. The police and army come under the DS and he shows no sign of taking any action against the culprits who attack the journalists or who questions the ill treatment of the minorities.

    No Diaspora organisation advocates violence and they are all committed to peaceful protests and democratic methods.

  • 2 Aug 2011 15:06:58 GMT

    [No Diaspora organisation advocates violence and they are all committed to peaceful protests and democratic methods.]

    Who says?

    These dirty bastards use all corrupted methods to achieve their goal. Killing field is a good example.

    Demala Bllige putho api thopita Sri Lankawe hodin inna denne naha.

    Mama marenna kalin thopi ekekwa amuwen puacachanawa.

    Before I die I want to burn one of you punks alive.