Tamils appointed for Key positions in SINGAPORE - Jaffna orginated becomes deputy PM

  • 21 May 2011 04:56:09 GMT

    [Because of geographical position and feasible maritime routes, people of Tamil identity had their own relationship with Singapore and Southeast Asia since very early times, going back to the dawn of the Christian Era, if not earlier.



    Chitty Melaka, a 600 ++ yr old Tamil community, whose ancestors were Tamil traders from Nagapattinam married to local Malay women. Culturally they are malays in term of cuisine, dress and language. Recently granted bumiputra (chidren of the soil) status by the Malaysian govt.

  • 21 May 2011 05:21:28 GMT

    These Jaffanese were lucky. They were obviously blessed with a lot of good karma. American missionaries set up so many schools giving them a quality education. They were perfect for the British colonial administration. The small minority of Jaffanese become powerful in Ceylonese ruling classes. The rest of the island lags behind.

    Suddenly they begin to feel insecurity as 1931 universal franchise beckons. Democracy means power will be shifted to the larger classes of low caste Tamils and Sinhalese. If fact the Jaffnaese takes their protest to London. They demand not to give low caste Tamils political power.

    The first ethnic stone throw is very interesting too. Arunachamalm demands himself a seat in Colombo south on account of him being Jaffanese. He does not want to contest election. He demands the seat in the parliament gifted to him. When it was refused he breaks away from Ceylon congress creating the first ethic division in Ceylon.

    Slowly things begin to break down. The Jaffnese with their superiority complex in one hand insecurity in the other increase the intensity of the clashes with the Sinhalese. When they cannot get power at the centre in the form of 50/50 etc they demand Eelam in NE. An interesting conversation here between Felix DB capture mind and mood among the Sinhalese politicians at this stage.


    Felix R. Dias Bandaranayake had approached Mr. Navaratnam and commented that the Tamils were always demanding for something, which they cannot obtain, and cited G. G. Ponnambalam`s cry for fifty-fifty and Chelvanayakam`s demand for Federal State. All of them were rejected by the Sinhalese.



  • 21 May 2011 05:33:32 GMT

    Singapore is different because Lee Kwan knows how to handle Jaffna Tamil problem. Ceylon on the other hand cursed with Srimawo. A woman who clashes with the Jafffanese instead of cleverly manoeuvring around the problem.

  • 21 May 2011 06:06:50 GMT

    What must be recognised here is a common human frailty - `fear of losing`. The Jaffnaese fear losing power and status they had prior to 1930. The fear causes the clash. The clash develops into a struggle that ends 101 years after at the end of Nadidikirall lagoon.

  • 21 May 2011 06:11:26 GMT

    What about asking for part of Singapore for the tamil eelam?

  • 21 May 2011 06:14:33 GMT

    [Singapore is different because Lee Kwan knows how to handle Jaffna Tamil problem.]

    Stop spewing crap, according to LKY`s `Hard Truth`, the only problems faced by Singapore pre/post indepedence was communist threat ( Malaysian Communist Party) and present Malay Muslims (none integration). The tiny minority Jaffna Tamils (about 10,000) consititute less than 0.01% of Singapore`s 6 m population .

  • 21 May 2011 06:34:36 GMT

    [the only problems faced by Singapore pre/post indepedence was communist threat ]

    Did I disagree? Jaffna people indeed Tamil language had been given pride of place in Singapore even though they were a minority. Lee Kwan with his close alliance with people such as Jaffna bon Rajaratam were instrumental in development of Singapore into an economic powerhouse. Had Lee Kwan neglected the Jaffanese or Tamil language on account of them being a minority, none of this would have been possible. There was no `Jaffanese Problem` as it was cleverly avoided by Lee Kwan.

    SL on the other hand exact opposite that happened. SWRD on the insistence of Srimavo rejected Tamil as a national language becuase it was simply a minority language. Srimawo did not have any Tamil let alone Jaffnaese alliances. Her entire cabinet was Sinhalese except for one Muslim chap. She then stripped little power Jaffanese had with the rebublicn constitution. Not only that she gave Buddhism state protection enraging Jaffanese further.

  • 21 May 2011 07:05:30 GMT


    moral of your story is majority community should secure the minorities rights then you will see progress and avoid tensions

  • 21 May 2011 07:24:17 GMT

    Luckily for him no We Thamiz decided to put a couple of bullets through his chest while he was taking a dip in the pool. Or run into his car strapped with explosives. Lucky indeed.

  • 21 May 2011 07:34:31 GMT

    [minorities rights then you will see progress and avoid tensions]

    If that was the case the problem would have ended now isn`t it? After all minority rights that was lost under Srimavo has been restored. There are minority rights and there are also Jaffnaese aspirations. These are totally different. Jaffnanese aspirations are based on parity of status with Sinhalese. That is what NE merger etc all based on. Jaffanese aspirations evolved like this.

    1. Continuation of communal representation.

    2. Demading power on the basis of Jaffaese heritage.

    3. 50/50 demand

    4. Federal

    5. Seperate state.

    Demands from 1-3 are all power sharing at the centre to maintain `parity of status` with the Sinhalese. The power sharing then takes the 4-5 form. These are all Jaffanese aspirations so that they don`t feel like they are under Sinhala rule. These have nothing to do with lost minority rights.