Sri Lanka s biggest investment zone at Hambantota

  • 24 Apr 2011 00:45:23 GMT

    What about the North / North East?

  • 24 Apr 2011 00:54:43 GMT

    [What about the North / North East?]

    India gave 500 tractors to NE over 2 years. ::))

    Actually it is a good question.

    All these developments are central government controlled. Mahinda is deveopling Hambantota because he was from there and he wants to do some thing for his people.

    The best solution would devolve powers to these regions so that those leaders from those regions become responsible for development.

  • 24 Apr 2011 01:22:57 GMT

    This is good news and bad. Its good because lot of manufacturers in one place allows you to have reasonably good trade trade shows and with a large area like that even foreign competitors will take part. China has this type of industrial parks in few of its regions and each normally has two or three tradeshows per year. One in on right now. They also have good transportation within the industrial part using high speed trains so you can get from one point to another with ease.

    Negative side of having this huge an industrial zone is that the country itself is small and there might be a shortage of industries that could use it to its potential. If that happens it will drew down the whole project.

    Based on the tax incentives factories could relocate, which does not increase production but displaces employees and affecting related industries from hotel that serve lunch to building that provide accomodation.

    Unskilled labor might not be a problem but will skilled labor willing to relocate to H`Tota?