Govt. bans Maaveer Day events

  • 2 Dec 2011 23:38:28 GMT

    [The government has banned any form of publicity, celebrations, functions or events connected to the LTTE]

    So people still the life of a loved lost one, whether the person was LTTE or not at issue.

    [Fifty three hardcore LTTE cadres including two condemned to death were making surreptitious arrangements to hold `Maaveer Day` at the Anuradhapura prison]

    You can take people out of the freedom struggle but your cannot take the struggle out of them.

  • 3 Dec 2011 03:10:25 GMT

    VDLADY the Terrorist $akkiliya,

    [So people still the life of a loved lost one, whether the person was LTTE or not at issue.]

    We do not tolerate LTTE terrorist scum like you.

  • 3 Dec 2011 03:28:59 GMT


    Sri Lanka will erase the memory of the ltte and your struggle thingy over the next few years. Getting rid of terrorist grave yard, geting rid of all terrorist monuments, stopping monkey dances such as marveer bollocks are all important activities. Give few more years mate, the ltte and all its loser activities will soon be forgotten in Sri Lanka. As for you chaps, you can have marveer day every weekend if you like.

    How diaspora wishes to waste their time is no concern of Sri Lanka.

  • 3 Dec 2011 05:59:36 GMT

    [So people still the life of a loved lost one, whether the person was LTTE or not at issue.


    yes who wanna get in to LTTE will get Gota treat,who wanna get in to proper chanels will get MR treat :) you decide what you need lolz

  • 3 Dec 2011 06:19:08 GMT

    [You can take people out of the freedom struggle but your cannot take the struggle out of them]

    butchering unarmed men and women in cold blood is a freedom struggle to Demala

  • 3 Dec 2011 12:20:37 GMT

    [List of attacks attributed to the LTTE:

    Please search Wikipedia `List of attacks attributed to the LTTE`

    We`ll not forget our dead either, every single person killed on this list is a innocent victim. We don`t want to just talk about the last 2 weeks of the war, if anyone wants to understand why the last 2 weeks was the most brutal in this war, they don`t need to go further than reading this document. For it show`s how Sri Lankans suffered for 3 decades from the most brutal terror attacks from these cowards.]

  • 3 Dec 2011 12:22:50 GMT

    [Govt. bans Maaveer Day events]

    Good job, well done to the govt, should ban all eelam parties too. Sri Lanka is for Sri Lankans Only.

  • 3 Dec 2011 12:30:13 GMT

    [The following is a list of attacks attributed to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), commonly known as the Tamil Tigers. The attacks include massacres, bombings, robberies, ethnic cleansing, military battles and assassinations of civilian and military targets. The LTTE is a separatist militant group that fought for a separate Tamil state in the north and east of Sri Lanka between 1976 and 2009. It has been banned as a terrorist organization by 30 countries, including the United States, Canada, India and the 27 member nations of the European Union.]

  • 3 Dec 2011 12:31:45 GMT

    [Attack Date Location Death toll Sources

    1990 massacre of Sri Lankan Police officers June 11, 1990 Eastern Province 600-774 [

    Kattankudy mosque massacre August 3, 1990 Kattankudy, Batticaloa District 147

    Anuradhapura massacre May 14, 1985 Anuradhapura, Anuradhapura District 146 [7][8]

    Habarana bus massacre April 17, 1987 Habarana, Anuradhapura District 127

    October 1995 Eastern Sri Lanka massacres October 16, 1995 Eastern Province 120

    Palliyagodella massacre October 15, 1991 Palliyagodella, Polonnaruwa District 109

    2006 Digampathana bombing October 16, 2006 Digampathaha, Matale District 92 103

    Central Bank bombing January 31, 1996 Colombo, Colombo District 91

    Kebithigollewa massacre June 15, 2006 Kebithigollewa, Anuradhapura District 66

    Dehiwala train bombing (1996) July 24, 1996 Dehiwala, Colombo District 64

    Kent and Dollar Farm massacres November 30, 1984 Mullaitivu District 62

    Lionair Flight 602 September 29, 1998 off the cost of Mannar District 55

    Gonagala massacre September 18, 1999 Gonagala, Ampara District 54

    Kallarawa massacre May 25, 1995 Kallarawa, Trincomalee District 42

    Aranthalawa Massacre July 2, 1987 Aranthalawa, Ampara District 35

    Air Lanka Flight 512 May 3, 1986 Bandaranaike International Airport, Gampaha District 21

    Kokilai massacre December 1, 1984 Kokilai, Mullaitivu District 11

    Gomarankadawala massacre April 23, 2006 Gomarankadawala, Trincomalee District 6

    2009 suicide air raid on Colombo February 20, 2009 Colombo, Colombo District 2]