SL President pardons Tissainayagam on Press Freedom Day

  • 4 May 2010 16:25:41 GMT

    My friends do not criticize either good or bad every thing what government does in Srilanka .It is not Journalism. As `Journalists are the most educated and world experienced, world honored, super powered people in the world who can change to get Justice from Injustice, Democracy from Dictatorship,God way from Satan, we must have to appreciate what Mahinda Rajapaksa realized and legalized even after a couple of months late.But more he has to work out if he realy want to appreciate him by the `World educated Politicians` and `World Recognize Democratic Countries` and organizations.This will not applicable to the countries where `One Man Shows` going on keeping millions of poor citizens dieing without food or Warm Clothing in the strong winters.I suggest next step should be release `War Hero` the world honored General Sarath Fonseka and let Srilankan Parliament to have a strong `Opposion` and both get-together and command against the `Commen Enemy` `LTTE` to not to poison our beloved `Tamil sisters, and brothers` to take `Arms` again against both of our `Mother Land Srilanak`.It is my dream to see one day my Mother Land and Srilanka a proud nation under one `Flag` one `Nation`.Good Luck Srilanka.

    Some people can immediately find out which is `Wrong` and which is `Correct` ,that is called `Wisdom`.But some people find out what they have done was wrong late,It is `Human`

  • 4 May 2010 16:43:56 GMT

    Why kill this `Garandiya`? - Dman sin isn`t it? - and get Global Mafia Forum and Storey-tellers Without Borders excited?

    MR is not giving them the orgasm they are looking for, Niether does Mervyn.

  • 4 May 2010 21:09:48 GMT


    My friend please do not blegard this Great Man Sarath Fonseka as a `Garadiya`. Today we are walking in every street in Srilanka because of this man.Even deep down south `Akuressa` was also `Tiger`s` conqured keepin Mahinda Wijesekara to `Wheel Chair`.but real `Garadiyos` ran out of Srilanka looking for a shelter when Tigers chasing them .We are not `Dumb` people like `Srilankan uneducated Villegers`.We know what happen, and who did the job practically.

  • 4 May 2010 21:40:03 GMT


    I think you have got the wrong impression my friend.

    Although I do not appreciate his political stunts, I will never dare call the Great Soldier that. Never! That is a man who shed his blood for Sri Lanka.

    I will always treat him with respect even when criticising him.

    Now tell me honestly, where does this article refer to Sarath Fonseka? It is you who brought him in here. Just because you brought Sarath Fonseka into this from nowhere, don`t think that I am responding to you. I am responding to article. It has nothing to do with Sarath Fonseka. Kindly think twice before you jump to conclusions.

    For your information, I was writing about Tissanayagam and the media mafia.

  • 4 May 2010 22:05:18 GMT


    [..`Tiger`s` conqured keepin Mahinda Wijesekara to `Wheel Chair`..]

    This terrorist is paying for his sins. Don`t forget that these are the people who introduced terrorism to Sri Lanka. They murdered people by the thousands, misled generations of youth in the name of Socialism and made smooth transitions to Capitalistic Corridors of Power, abandoning and deserting their followers. Wimal Weerawanse is the latest of these political entreprenuers who rode the waves of Socialism all the way to the Capitalistic Power Hub.

    Bloody Rogues!

  • 4 May 2010 22:19:42 GMT

    Crying Lankans

    [Journalists are the most educated and world experienced, world honored, super powered people in the world who can change to get Justice from Injustice]

    What rational basis do you have to clim that journalists are the `most educated and world experienced`??????

    A person is honored by what they say and do. A journalist indeed has to be knowledgeable to say things. The type of knowledge a journalist requires does not come from education it comes from information.

    In Sri lanka a journalist does not require any formal qualification to do their work. Hence for you to say that they are the most educated is a figment of your immagination and an absolute falsehood as there are many other professions requiring higher standards of knowledge and education than `nosy journalism` which is widely seen in Sri lanka. What journalists require is a good network with people and then a sence of responsible reporting rather than using very often unsubstantiated information as a weapon to destroy a government.

    This unethical reporting is what any government would resent.

    Also do not try to give the sole credit of winning the war to SF. Did he do it all by himself????? Remember it was a concerted effort by many. The Army, Navy, Airforce, Police, Civil Defence etc etc. It was a team effort where SF was a team member with so many others. SF indeed was an important team member as were so many others.

    There was co-ordination that had to be done and that credit goes to GR as you would be aware that SF and the Navy Commander were not on talking terms. A war cannot be won if there is no co-ordination between the Army and Navy.

    If not for the steadfast political leadership of MR who withstood every possible foreign interference to get the war stopped, we even today would have had the LTTE bombing the living daylights out of all of us.

    So do not consider SF as the saviour of the nation and do not propogate that ill conceived idea.

  • 5 May 2010 00:04:08 GMT

    [In Sri lanka a journalist does not require any formal qualification to do their work]

    I can only agree with Kiwi, I used to enjoy reading newspapers from the time I was in grade 4. Not only the subject matter was absolutely engrossing, we learned the usage of the Language from the journalist. They new every nuance in the art of harnessing the language to beautify the reading matter. Even people like `Sira - editor of Aththa - riligously maintained his ethics and grammertically correct language while throwing out unbelievable insults to the opposition.

    Today, if you read a a copy of any major Sinhala news paper, the first thing you notice is that the sysntax is totally out of whack, let alone the information content. Give me any Sinhala Newspaper, I will show you minimum twenty grammer mistakes before I turn the first page. The most common mistake is the inability to select subject and verb betweem Active and Passive Voices, which make sentences meaningless and further reading irritating. What do you expect from professionals who know nothing about their tools of trade? If you don`t know the tools, you don`t know the trade.

    Let me direct you into another area, It is sufficient to say that a Sri Lankan English journalist, who obtained the credit card number of the then minister of foreign affairs from his contacts in the ministry throgh bribery and corruptin, downloaded pronographic videos with homosexual content using that credit card, and published the credit card number in his newspaer with his fabricated story about the minister(very ethical Journalism), was posthumouly awarded for his (Award-winning) journalism. Such are the Cunning Stunts (Stunning...excuse my language) of the media Mafia.

  • 5 May 2010 04:21:28 GMT


    My friend I admit what you said in the above comments. You are absolutely correct, those are the guys who introduce `Terrorism` to Srilanka and killed more than 50000 young youth and for the first time made Srilanka a country of `Blood Bath`in 1971.That was the time that we saw bodies of shot and killed youth floating in the rivers and what a valuable educated people were destroyed by this `Gangsters` .I did not say and I cannot say and happy as a Buddhist for the results those guys are presently benefiting for their `Sins` once they have already committed. Secondly I do not know what about Srilanka but all the other countries `Journalism` is a 4 year college degree programme including Australia.But Iam very sorry to see Srilankan Journalist are not educated people as `KIVIKANGA` described, in his comments, but I am not surprising because Srilanka is the only country I see mostly uneducated even not qualified G.C.E.(OL) `Ministers` and `Parliament Members` are gathering to decide the `Future` of this country.

    I agree wiped out `LTTE `is not a one man show, It was a hard battle completed by a group of `Brave People`. But there are main characters who are engage to the `Battle` very significant to the outer world. Noumber one is Mahinda Rajapaksa. He is the second man who challenged this `Murderers` for a `Weaponry` mission in Srilankan history.First was J.R. Jayawardana,but `Indira Gandhi` intervein to this and did not let him to complete that mission. I think you can remember when General Kobbakaduwa once cornered this basteds to one area and try to destroy them, but who `Air Dropped` food and medicine to the `Terrorist`. After that none of the presidents or priministers wanted to finish this but keep it as a good chance to be in power keeping the country under the `Emergency law`. Mahinda cannot complete this task because he is not a soldier who knows `Military Science`.He got the correct man for the correct job . that was General Fonseka, not any others, but even those two cannot complete this with out helping hand from the `Defence Ministry`.There Gotabaya came to the `Project` . It was like 2nd world war against `Hitler`.Britain cannot say as Wincent Churchil finished 2nd World War. America cannot say as Mc Arther, Montgomery, Trueman, finished 2nd World War.It was an effort of group of Brave People who kicked out `Hitler`. Likewise kicking out LTTE is not a one man show. It was an effort of group of Brave People including Brave Soldiers and other forces.But what has happend is after the job done every one wanted to be the `Man of the Match`. We have to think and say this was not ` My WIN` but it was `Our Win`