Rohitha Bogollagama said he will continue in politics and help SL President Mahinda Rajapakse

  • 24 Apr 2010 12:38:14 GMT

    Bogols has no need for Posts if he can get all the PERKS he is used to.

  • 24 Apr 2010 15:42:14 GMT

    Hey Bogols now what are you going to do to your sons in NewYork as embassy officers.Please try to beg Mahinda to give free tickets to come to Srilanka otherwise they will die with out food and shelter.

  • 24 Apr 2010 15:55:04 GMT

    Some are in politics to have joy flights and seek employment for their dependents while others to bring in the whole family into politics and ruin the country.

  • 24 Apr 2010 17:04:18 GMT

    Ow ithin posters tikai paapa baldiyai aragena wada patangamu.

  • 25 Apr 2010 08:15:11 GMT

    Bogo needs to help himself.

  • 25 Apr 2010 16:39:20 GMT

    He will continue in politics and help President Mahinda Rajapakse achieve the nation s goals both locally and internationally

    OH OH NO THANKS Mr. Buwallagama. you had done enogh to our country by robbing and eating public money in broad day light. if you want to serve the country just leave the country for good.

  • 25 Apr 2010 18:51:28 GMT

    Master Sir

    You are perfectely correct, see this man completely eaten the poor people`s earned Foreign Exchange for useless foreign trips and making disgrace to the country appointing useless uneducated fools to the embassy service (Netherland,Japan,U.S.A. examples) and still waiting to have some peace of `Appawatiya` like a `Slum Dog`.That shows how sweet luxery life this man had during the last few years.

  • 25 Apr 2010 19:02:16 GMT

    Rohitha Bogollagama is a good asset to the Mr Govt.Loosing his seat was not an unpredicted one.With the Experience and the PR he had with the FM`s and Heads of states he can do a more important role in international politique concerning Sri lanka.In future political strategies he can do a good job in UN concerning Sri lanka perhaps as Sri lankan representative there.He is the most suitable man for the job.

  • 25 Apr 2010 23:05:59 GMT

    What a tragic loses for Mother Lanka discarded by ungrateful unpatriotic rabble.Surely Western nation must have a hand in this travesty.

  • 26 Apr 2010 02:24:11 GMT

    Honda vade,

    Goobolagamayo dan itin katai p@#i wahagena pala gedara.