Taming 5 monsters new SL Govt. s priority economists

  • 21 Apr 2010 07:23:24 GMT

    Everyone is critical of how the government manages it`s affairs specially the economy and cost of living BUT... with all that the government fought a war, vanquished the LTTE, brought peace AND no one died of starvation. Which other government was able to do any of it????????

  • 21 Apr 2010 11:27:56 GMT

    Kiwi, I agree with you and all praise and glory to MR & Co. but the article above and my comments relate to the future. Sri Lanka lacks essential legislation or hasn`t implemented what is on the books - human rights laws, anti discriminatory laws and others. Everyone keeps talking about the constitution but that isn`t the answer to Sri Lanka`s problems. In my view the economy must come first. If there are jobs and a future for everyone, people will stop agitating about ethnic and region based issues. Making the state sector more efficient (above article) is important, why? so that instead of the taxpayer picking up the losses, there will be revenue to develop the country. Look at Malaysia, ethnically they arguably have greater problems than Sri Lanka because there has been officially sanctioned discrimination against Indians and Chinese for 40 years and yet, there are no revolutions there, because they managed their economy better whilst we ruined ours chasing socialist goals, and chasing away investors. This meant that in Malaysia everyone including Indians and Chinese had good job and business prospects in a growing economy. Now they employ over 1 million foreign workers there.

    I think MR understands this very well, which is why his government is pushing strongly for development first. Making the state sector more efficient must go hand in hand with development so that as the state sector sheds jobs, development projects can absorb these workers.

  • 21 Apr 2010 22:02:23 GMT


    Johnston in motor car accident

    A former government minister and newly elected Kurunegala District MP Johnston Fernando was injured in a motor accident on Monday (19). A well known female vocalist who was in the vehicle with him was also injured. She had been admitted to a private hospital.We all know whome the editir is refering to.

    Police sources said that they had not been informed of any accident involving the minister.

  • 22 Apr 2010 05:30:15 GMT


    Lets give MR a break! The man has got full control to forge ahead with other matters only now. Until now he had to solve a plethora of issues with a weak government.

    In one year we will see if he and the government are capable or not in addressing the outstanding issues. After all he has been capable of doing something which no other was able to do. So lets give him some time.