Belling the cat

  • 19 Apr 2010 16:16:40 GMT

    [Remember how it backed a campaign to strip Sri Lanka of GSP Plus in the hope that a collapse of export industries like apparels as a result would cause a loss of thousands of jobs thus creating a situation where it could gain political mileage]

    This is typical JVP tactic. Remember 1971? They were trying to get political milage by crippling the Tea industry. The bad part is that UNP too is following suit. UNP, the democratic political party, has no business to join hands with this vermins.

    Now they want to get back to one of their old pastimes, manipulation of the university students. They have still not realized that they are playing with the wrong man.

    Just like anybody else, I cannot vouch for Mr. Rajapakse`s future actions with regards to using or misusing the power he has. But I am all the way with him as long as he works towards destroying the JVP. That is the very best he can do for Motherland.