Sri Laka President set to name small Cabinet soon

  • 11 Apr 2010 05:04:47 GMT

    Deputy Cabinet ministers should be competent Professional who have a vision and who can set up goals and capable of achieving that goal.

    By that way, can cut down the wastage of unnecessasry Ministers to a minimum.

    Ministers always think that they have to micro manage and get the name.

    Some ministers have wrecked their discipline simply becauase they wanted to become rich people at the expense of the country.

    Ministers simply should have goals if they can not achieve it, they should be fired.

  • 11 Apr 2010 05:27:44 GMT

    This is a shhit.

    We will see small cabinet only for couple of months.Then every month we will get two new ministers to develop the country & strength the president hands, to stop coss over etc.

    at the end of the first year 20 ministers to this small cabinet.Next year we will see another 40 atleast.

    This is the buisness going on.

    If these mps ,ministers were not given power to rob the country, we will see the crossing to oppostion.

    Each MP has spent atleast 10million rupees for this election.Their target could be 100-1000million rupees.

    Their wages are not enough at all.



    This is the main reason that majority boycott elections now.

    60 lacks people did not vote to any

  • 11 Apr 2010 06:02:25 GMT

    Good news...!!..MR will deliver now that he has the backing of the Majority of the people..

  • 11 Apr 2010 06:34:03 GMT

    Good News !

    20 Cabintet 50 Non Cabinet 75 Deputy = 145.

  • 11 Apr 2010 06:54:51 GMT

    [This is the main reason that majority boycott elections now.

    60 lacks people did not vote to any]

    Talking rubish with out knowing the facts....

    People who didn`t vote in this election mainly from JVP and UNP voters.....UNP and JVP are not talking about that. They are trying to show only government lost the votes......

  • 11 Apr 2010 07:18:23 GMT

    [This is a shhit. ...]

    I second it... !

    Never trust Jingala Muniya....!

  • 11 Apr 2010 07:28:05 GMT

    [Healthcare and Nutrition Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva who had come first in the UPFA list in Badulla, polling 141,990,]


    aiyyo me yakawa halanna hambe wenne na... sigh!

  • 11 Apr 2010 07:30:58 GMT

    Oops,..Sinthaka`s cry worked..!

    Lokka changed the topic...!

  • 11 Apr 2010 07:35:35 GMT

    Small is beautiful!

  • 11 Apr 2010 07:37:43 GMT

    Mahinda will retain at least 3 to 4 portfolios.

    Thats to use in his usual magic, divide and rule.

    In that regard, he is smart.

    The one who is not is leaders in opposition.

    They must have loyal and die-hard people to be in those parties.