Camouflaging revenge

  • 5 Apr 2010 03:52:59 GMT

    Sri Lanka needs human rightss to stop Politicians abusing power and taking away precious to right of a person to live free in the country if they are opponents to leaders`s advancing in his career.

    EU can not impost HR on us.

    See how German troops had opened fire on Some Afghan soldiers and how they are defending it.

    See how the Catholic church has sexually molested young and diasalbved children in Ireland, USA, Germany and they ekkp silent.

    where are the govt. They don`t open a mouth.

    Those were just children,

  • 5 Apr 2010 23:08:34 GMT

    [Catholic church has sexually molested ]

    AnuD, you are more of an ignorant fool than I thought. You are accusing the entire Catholic church of 2 billion followers as if they are all guilty of molesting disabled children. Only a tiny minority of clergy, who probably were perverted individuals before they became priests, who thought they could carry on with their perverted acts unchecked, are guilty of this crime. The last pope was not brave enough to tackle the problem head on but the current pope is, go educate yourself. The latest attack on the church was started by an article in the New York Times on 25th of March, the information coming from the lawyer of a retired, discredited Archbishop of Milwaukee who not only mishandled abuse cases, but used large sums of church money to pay off a former homosexual lover. Other newspapers around the world simply parroted the NY Times article which led to every mishandled abuse case being blamed on the current pope even though it was he who had started taking decisive action against abusers long before he became the pope. Like I said, go educate yourself first.

    If we follow your kind of logic should we do the following also ?

    Ban marriage - why? some husbands kill their wives, and vice versa

    Take babies away from parents - why? some fathers molest their children

    Ban teachers from the classroom - why? some teachers molest children in their care

    Imprison all Tamils - why? some of them killed and maimed their fellow citizens

    Imprison all Sinhalese - why? some of them killed and maimed their fellow citizens

    Can you follow the logic here? I guess not.