Fertilizer subsidy Rs 65 b What the Sri Lanka Government did:

  • 2 Apr 2010 12:44:41 GMT

    Mr. Minister is either talking with his arse or passing excrement through his mouth.

    With his political influence, his own brother is controlling the rice market in the whole country toady. As a result, another of his collegues had to go abroad in search of cheaper rice and that fellow too is making a fortune on that deal.

    Voters have to believe this fellow`s love for Paddy Marketing Board.

    What a bunch of crooks?

    People say MR has his family around him. Had MR trusted these bastards with war effort instead, he would have been dead meat by now and LTTE would be ruling Sri Lanka.

  • 2 Apr 2010 16:23:34 GMT

    MR is following JRJ`s policies which cheated by givng Eight measures of CORN instead of rice and when people complained about his MP`s corrupt behaviour, he said that they came to the parliament by spending lot of mpney and they have the right to earn that money back.

    Was JRJ the kind of leader we wanted.

    Think and extrapolate it.