How US protects own interests in fight against terror

  • 29 Mar 2010 22:28:11 GMT


    [Dear President this is Russia, where you have been offered your Doctorate. Now even you can `Value` your standard]

    What exactly are you trying to get at here????? Are you saying that because two misguided people blow themselves up in Russia the doctorate given to MR is worthless as it is from a useless country plagued with suicide bombers and that useless country has given a useless doctorate to a useless individual????

    [Please do not make Srilanka another `BloodBath]

    Where the hell were you when bombs were going off anywhere and everywhere in Sri Lanka killing civillians all over the country?????? Wasn`t that the `blood bath` which MR together with SF and the many others ended?????? What the heck are you saying about making `another blood bath` in Sri Lanka?????