A fools` paradise

  • 20 Mar 2010 16:44:19 GMT

    I remember once Late Mr. Anura Banadaranayake saying that he won Athanagalla seat with 10,000 majority votes when President George Bush won Florida only with 350 votes. So I added the following .. after hearing what Anura Bandaranayke said Bush asked his aid how many votes did he get in Athnagalle?

    Not too long ago after UPFA winning a provincial ,election the Minister of health called the people of our country who voted for the opposition as `Harak `. The minister looking more like a pig than a bull had forgotten that , the election was called by the government, and in Democracy people have the choice to whom they want to vote other wise there shouldn t be any elections at all . The minister s remark was made with an assumption that a so called popular government should get all the votes. He was stupid not to understand that if some people do not vote for a so called popular party or a government , then there is some thing wrong with the policies or governance of them that make those people not voting for them, not to mention, these are not few people but several million people .

    President Mahinda Rajapakse too had joined this band wagon of stupidity after the Presidential election of 2009. In 2005 election he won by a very small majority votes , thanks to Prabhakaran who kept his side of the deal well . We all know what could have happened if Tamils were able to vote then. President MR didn t thank Prbhakaran nor Intelligent people of Sri Lanka for voting to make him the president in 2005. However after 2009 Presidential election ,as the head of the state he clearly discriminated the citizens of our country as those who voted for him as intelligent when obviously those who voted against him then become unintelligent. . The entire North and East of the country didn t vote for him , so our President MR had now shown to the world that Tamils and Muslims of North and East belong to the unintelligent group of people in Sri Lanka along with few million Sinhalese comprising a total 42% of the country who exercised their democratic right to vote.

    Having insulted 42% of voters and almost the entire minority , President MR then turned towards the defeated and common opposition candidate Gen Fonseka to injure him . However in doing so President MR is now exposing mockery of his politics to the entire world.

    In an interview with Singapore`s Straits Times published Thursday, Rajapakse said about Gen Fonseka the following ,

    `He is a fool. On 16th November he was sitting right here and I asked him if he was interested in contesting and he said, `No, sir... I haven`t made up my mind.` Even on the day of his last visit he didn`t tell me,` .

    Why did President MR call Gen Fonseka a fool? Was it because he got defeated.? If so then does he call all the other presidential candidates fools as they were all defeated by him? Did he mean to the world that if a common candidate other than Gen Fonseka contested against him that person could have won? Else, is this the sadistic nature of Rajapakse regime?

    President MR further said the following ,

    `So I advised him. I told him that politics is not the army. In the army, when you have an order they follow. In politics you give an order and they react in a different way,` .

    Rajapakse also said he could have prevented Fonseka from running against him by delaying the general`s retirement until after the deadline for filing candidacies.

    `But I let him contest. I didn`t want people to say I was frightened.`

    The question we all should ask from President Rajapakse is how could he had delayed the resignation of General s retirement, if the General was plotting against him whilst serving as the CDS?

    If President MR let Gen Fonseka retire and contest against him for the Presidency , how could he accuse Gen Fonseka of plotting against him whilst serving as the Commander of the army or as the CDS?

    If Gen Fonseka was plotting to over throw the President and assassinate him after his retirement during the time of the election campaign, then how could they court martial him ?

    The SLA under the directives of the President still couldn t find A competent military tribunal to try Gen Fonseka .

    In conclusion Rajapakse Rubbish is good for the idiots and boot lickers who thrive on Rajapakse corruption and mismanagement but not for those who value democracy in Sri Lanka.

  • 20 Mar 2010 16:52:10 GMT

    To those fools who are being fooled by Rajapakse regime.

    [Saturday, March 20, 2010

    Bogollagama saga and defunct Rajapakse administration

    By Vishvamithra

    (March 20, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, Rohitha Bogollagama, recently acknowledged that he sought a UN job for his son. He defended his action stating that it was a personal matter and as a father he would do

    anything in his capacity to support his son who was qualified for the job that Foreign Minister was canvassing for.

    From the Sri Lanka s point of view as a Nation, it is sad that Bogollagama - rata venuven lovama dinu as his election posters says who abused his office as the Foreign Minister of Sri Lanka, seeking support for his son and had the audacity to addressed a letter to Secretary General s Chief of Staff Vijay Nambiar. Having committed this despicable act it is unthinkable that Bogollagama had the confidence to defend himself against this serious allegation of misconduct.

    Whatever he says to the print media, the Sunday Times that raised the unbecoming conduct of the Foreign Minister, there is no doubt that the intelligent people of Sri Lanka would condemn this person as someone betray the Nation - puthu revenue rata pavadun. Thanks to twofaced Rajapake administration that talks about clean administration and does the completely opposite, and the opposition lead by spineless Ranil Wickramasinghe, people like Bogollagama are fortunate to hold any public office.

    However, if a similar thing had occurred in a true democracy, like in the UK, there is no question that Foreign Minister Bogollagama would have been in hot water. For instance, for seeking help from the Immigration Directorate, to expedite a visa application made by his housemaid, David Blunkett, the Home Secretary of the UK lost his job.

    All these actions lead the intelligent people to believe just one undeniable reality what Rajapakse administration talks about clean administration to the People of Sri Lanka in the phase II of Mahinda Chinthanaya is simply rubbish.


  • 21 Mar 2010 01:44:52 GMT

    Magha has made some good points,

    As the Editor says even if General Fonseka was swayed by foolishly by some evil forces, we can not forget the fact that the PResident and his henchmen had a role for pushing him SF to in their hands.

    They were contrlling him as as much as they could when he was succeeding the war. they did not let him enjoy the succes that he was having.

    So, by that way, PResident made him really mad, I mean Pixsed off with the president and his goons around him.

    Then the next point is, I said in another thread, as I understand, similar threats had happened to smaller countries in the Western Bloc. they never went to abuse the power or to violence or thuggery.

    they followed the democractic pathway and kept confidential matters as confidential and handled the whole situation. See how the PResident and his henchmen are making dumb statments. They don`t look at all like Statemen or responsible people.

    They show they can not govern because, power abuse, the way how they handle SF shows that they are realy incompetant.