Professionals for change in Sri Lanka electoral system

  • 12 Mar 2010 18:52:37 GMT

    I believe JR made the mistake.JR` s `Presidential Parliament System` is good for a country which has hundred percent educated people, who knows the value of `Ballot` and how to use their `Ballot` to change the rulers to the best benefits to the nation, but when we look at the `Srilankan Situation` from the very beginning from 1950 `Srilanka` citizens life is mainly controlled by the `Politicians` from the `Birth` to enter to a school/enter to a university/get a job/get a transfer/ get a promotion or salary hike/scholarship/even to buried the dead body in a cemetery, Srilankan`s need political favourations.That means citizens cannot use their human rights with out a political back up.That is why most of the `Professionals` leave this country for the betterment of their lives for free countries ,because they do not like to kneel down to uneducated politicians to interfere their personal life .Only the poor people who have no chance to jump out of this net have to go on with this flow either they like this system or no.

    Then what happen is if any back boned professional who wants to change this system to make the change, `Politicians` labeled him or his group as `People Against The Government` and try to kill them or destroyed them.By the time some `Communist Countries` especially arms manufacturing countries taking this situation as a goldmine to their business and cultivate their `Communism` and poisoned this poor groups to take arms against the government to make a `Revolutions` which we called as `Terrorism in South` and `Terrorism in North`.That is what happened from 1950 to uptodate.

    If any body wants to change this situation first thing they have to change is this `Gost` who control the citizen from the birth to the death which is `Politician`. To do this task we must have to educate the people how to use their `Ballot` for the benefits of the country and nation but not to make a group of foolish cunning uneducated politicians.

    The next part is we must have to select the correct people who want to work for the nation as real social servers ( among the large number of foolish ,jobless uneducated,stupid,thugs and criminals) to invest their knowledge ,experienced and professionalism not for a seven figures monthly salary with a full pension but to develop the nation.

    Then we come to the next part of this process which I like to introduce as the `Giving the real value of the ballot`.This is the most important part of this process because, although the citizens use their power of ballot hundred percent correct as their `Voice`, but if this `Ballot` is not counted and destroy and counted the `Ballots` of the `Politicians` as what is happening today simply `Citizens voice is not heard`.The best answer to this question is introducing the `Modern Hi Tech Finger Scan Bio Matrix system` which is hundred percent correct, and is not very costly as handling elections manually .At the beginning it

  • 12 Mar 2010 18:58:48 GMT

    At the beginning it looks little hard because every citizen have to be finger scanned and store in the computers and when at the polling station only correct `Finger Print` holder can cast his `Ballot`, because the computer rejects wrong `fingerprint` giving reason either` wrong person or already voted`.To get all those modern techniques we must have to go parrel and shake hands with `Developed Countries`, not with bankrupt cunning communist countries who are today consider as isolated corrupted countries.We can remember how we got `Brand New Co lour Television System` in 1977 even India has no Co lour T.V.system at that time..If we want to develop our country we have to go with modern developed countries and establish to them that `We are a civilized nation`,`We value the human rights` `We have democracy in our country`, `We politicians are civilized educated experienced people` `We do not discriminate by co lour,race, religion, cast,nationality`.If Srilankans can follow up this process I do not think developing `Srilanka` is a hard job, but it needs ,Di termination,Scarification, Professionalism, and correct man for the correct job.

  • 13 Mar 2010 17:42:10 GMT

    The Government is asking for a 2/3rd majority to amend the Constitution. They have not told us what the amendments are. Obviously, the Government knows that the amendments will not be acceptable to the opposition. This confirms that the Government wishes to change the Constitution to its own advantage. Given recent events, this can be very dangerous. It is a cardinal principle that matters such as the Constitution should have wide acceptance and should not be be the sole prerogative of the UPFA Government. The people would be making a huge blunder if a 2/3 rd majority is given to the Government.

  • 14 Mar 2010 14:30:25 GMT

    Make a system that every Tom Dick Harry Pandan Pariahyan can` t and do not think of becoming President, Prime Minister, Minister or MPs of the country.

    In fact create a society that people never think of Api Okkoma Rajawaru But api okkoma Vasiyo (not vesiyo)

    Then people become not interested in politicks but on our own affairs. Then we have the chance, when the time comes, to kick the politician bastards that we do not want.