• 12 Feb 2010 19:57:25 GMT


    First of all this is not a man. This is a lady :)

    Reflexology is a different kind of School of Medicine. reflexology does not cure or diagnose illnesses, but does help to reduce symptoms and aid the healing process.

    Reflexologists believe that certain areas on the feet, and sometimes hands, relate to other parts of the body and by applying pressure at differing strengths, any conditions experienced in other anatomies will be helped

  • 12 Feb 2010 20:06:20 GMT

    [First of all this is not a man. This is a lady :) ]

    cow the done neigh!!!

    i thgt you r only posting songs when Empa is not around :):):):)

    oh its just that i saw a guy with some kidney ailment visiting one of them reflexologists...could not simply see the connection between feet and kidneys, thats why i asked :P

  • 12 Feb 2010 20:31:30 GMT


    Chinese acupuncture is also based on similar rules. Yes ! Most of the time i do post songs here :)