Commencement of Sri Lanka President s second term: SC opinion today

  • 2 Feb 2010 11:40:56 GMT

    Rigging is only one of quite a few of violation. Rigging is not easy to prove. But other violations - defamation, Character assassination, Using Tax Payers and Government Funds, Plant and Machinery, Government Official Use of Govt.including the Army(Forces),Use of Government Electronic and Print Media, Intimidation of Electoral Staff including the Election Commission and quite a few others. The SC has to determine not about the majority of 1.8 but the way the behavior of the Incumbent President and His Cahoots will also has to be scrutinized should be take it to consideration. Mr Dayananda Dissanyake`s statement alone is enough to get more information when he is put in the Witness Box under Oath.

  • 2 Feb 2010 12:05:35 GMT

    Going with the proper interpretation of the constitution, I agree with Mr.Rohan Edrisinha. He was correct in saying that according to proper democratic practice, he should commence the 2nd term soon after the election that reelected him. However the present constitutional flaws provides for him to call early elections and assume office at a later date (19th November 2010).

    As suggested by Mr.Sarath Kongahage if the `President is under the constitutional duty to function until the termination of the full six-year term`, then isn`t it cannot be constitutional for him to call early elections. So that argument is nonsense, as the President has the power to call early elections as well as he has to abide by the constitution and (unfortunately for SL) resume his second term in November 2010. wonder who`s dummy candidate Sarath Kongahage is...

  • 2 Feb 2010 20:04:16 GMT

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  • 3 Feb 2010 10:58:39 GMT

    As the president caunsil decition is correct.RAJAPAKSA have complite his 6 year term and then he have start from 19th novermber 2011.suprem court judges are afaried for RAJAPAKSA.they have take their own power and have to give a good decition.if not they have to resign from their job.listening to president and giving the judgement is not a real judge.heep this in mind please.i am lelling this to POLICE OIC AND TO THE ARMY COMMNDER ALSO.again i am saying listening to president and doing the job is shame.better remove the unform and go home.

  • 3 Feb 2010 11:15:22 GMT

    [Warning! This website is infected!! Rajapakse-virus !]

    Website belongs to Island news paper

  • 4 Feb 2010 14:29:26 GMT

    Island is a despicable newspaper that has nothing worthwhile to read. The editor and the reporters are sychopant of Mahinda Rajapakse administration for post & positions. They are a shame for the freedom of press.