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Rajapaksha Bank- Moon? ( Secret deal done?)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010 - 7:44 PM SL Time

It was clear from start that bank ki moon was bias towards the sinhala nazis and he always try to protect the sinhala nazis , and try to hide the genocide commited by sinhala nazis.

but with mounting presure, there was pannel of experts was appointed to investigate the war crime committed by the sinhala nazis.

there are open evidence that sinhala nazis have committed the genocide, sinhala nazis have planned to kill 500,000 tamils in the vanni , they told he world there is only 60,000 people were there , then only 18,000 people were there.
it was intention to understate the mass murder it planned to do.
they have sticked to the 0 casualty figures , everyone had seen from video that came from vanni showed how many people were dieing in front of their eyes. and pictures showing blown out bodies , and many pregnant mothers were open and the child inside dead.

many disabled people screaming when the aeroplane bomb their homes. people could not stay at home and watch it , they could not believe in the 21st century in front of our eyes tens of thousands of our people were slaughtered by this sinhala nazis. and UN and other organisations and the wider world were standing and watching.

this is why tamils have blocked the streets and get the governments to act.
and those government had done too little and too late , at least it may have stoped the sinhala nazis to slaughter the 300,000 people to left alive.
but according to sources at least 100,000 people got arrested/killed after they got to the camps.

it was recently rajapaksha met moon , and moon silence on the advisory pannel that he appointed , it meant to finish work in 4 months. ( guess what 4 months will only end when they started working) and only god knows when they will start working.
rajapaksha said this pannel is not welcomed and he wouldnot issue visas.

here a murder happend , killer not lettiing the police inside to investigate?
what we expect the police to do? killer says there is no murder happend.
all evedence suggest that there was a mass murder committed.

so isn`t it time for police to do the job.

there are conflict of interest.

Rajapaksha - Srilankan President
Rajapaksha supported Moon candidature
Moon`s deputy Vijay Nambiyar
Sathish Nambiyar - Vijay Nambiyars Brother
Vijay Nambiyar _ Srilanka defence consultant

UN Secretary General Ban ki- moon is once again figuring in a controversy among the media. This is because of the growing criticisms against him pertaining to the policies he is following in regard to Sri Lanka (SL).One of the accusations levelled against him is the veil of secrecy he is attaching to the panel of advisors he has appointed to inquire into whether war crimes were in fact committed in SL or not. The other accusation is his tight lipped reticence about his discussion at the recent one to one meeting with SL President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the UN.

It is the belief of the media that behind the secretive policy of Moon in regard to SL there is a sinister deal between Mahinda and him. Mahinda had known Moon since the period when Moon was the Foreign Minister in South Korea. During that time when Mahinda was the Prime Minister and Moon was the S. Korea Foreign Minister, they jointly worked and coordinated to increase the employment opportunities for Sri Lankans in S. Korea. When Moon was a prospective candidate for the post of UN secretary General , Moon had made an offer to provide more jobs for Sri Lankans in S. Korea and to increase its aid for SL if he is backed in his candidacy to secure the post of Sec.

before Mahinda attended the recent UN General Assembly, Mahinda spoke to Ban Ki- Moon over the phone. After attending the UN assembly too he had a one to one meeting with him

it is safe to assume following the completion of the fact finding assignment , the panel is preparing to instruct Moon to launch on the investigations. ( evidence are there in the open of mass graves,victims statements reported by local and international media,doctors who had come out of the war zone living abroad,and doctors from india served in vanni just after the war) It is the mandate of the Panel to advise Moon after the examination of the facts whether charges shall be filed or not against SL Govt. to conduct an investigation. If they advise that a legal body of the UN shall launch investigations against SL , it will then come to surface whether there is a secret deal between Mahinda and Moon , and what is Moon`s objective.

now that people have been doing hundreds of miles ` walk for justice ` to get the justice to our people , moon can not brush this genocide under the carpet.

sinhala nazis have removed all hundreds of thousands scaletten , and body parts ,
it had taken over a year for them to clear the bodies.
evidence will still be there , it is better late than never.


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LK Information  6 Oct 2010 13:14:02 GMT  Report for Abuse  
sinhala nazis have removed all hundreds of thousands scaletten , and body parts ,
it had taken over a year for them to clear the bodies.
evidence will still be there , it is better late than never.

How come?
Lots of Satalites were trainded on war zone at that time.
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