It s MAHINDA (Sixth Executive President of Sri Lanka)

  • 28 Jan 2010 04:41:22 GMT

    Great victory for MR. The main reason being the vanquishing of the LTTE that had the whole coountry in it`s grip of fear for the last 30 years.

    The people in the country especially those in the interior rural villages were not bothered about the corruption, waste, mihin air losses, hedging losses, or family bandysm. They were now able to come to Colombo get about their business and get back to their villages without fear of bombs without fear of getting killed or maimed. That was the main reason of MR getting a majority of 1.8m votes. Even the block UNP vote had voted in favor of MR because of this reason.

    However if we look into past history JRJ became president with a lot of fan fare and support from the majority of the nation but into his second term he was hated by the nation and unceromoniously went on his final journey.

    RP became president with a lot of support and expectations from the nation and when he was assasinated during his second term there were people who lit crackers at the news of his death so much was he hated.

    Next came DBW who did not go in search of positions and power but power and positions came behind him, as a result no one has ever a bad word for DBW and is not amongst the hated leaders of our country.

    CBK also became president commanding a lot of support and appreciation by the people with a lot of expectations and into her second term became hated by the people and ended up with an unceremonious exit with even being dragged to court and being found responsible for a raft of malpractices and charges oabuse of power and was even fined.

    Now we have MR into his second term being elected with a majority of 1.8m votes. It is a direct reflection of the appreciation by the voters of what he mainly did as president during his first term namely giving the steadfast strong political leadership to end the war and also in it are the expectations the voters have of his representations to the people vis a vis the Mahinda Chintanaya.

    It is still left to be seen as to how MR would handle the corruption and waste in government, instilling and restoring the faith in people that the police and the legal system are impartial and could be relied by each and every one and amongst all bridging the uneasyness between the north and south and building confidence amongst the brothers and sisters of the north with those of the south. Constructing the North south railway and putting the Yaldevi back on track from Fort to KKS or errecting a bridge in Arugambay or opening the A9 24/7 is not going to restore that confidence, there is much much more to be done in that regard.

    The people in the NE have clearly reflected in their vote that they did not beleive MR could do that much needed confidence building therefore it is now upto MR with the humungous historically unprecedented majority which he now has received fron those in the south to prove to the uncertain minds that those in the north could have their confidence in MR

  • 28 Jan 2010 04:51:44 GMT

    If MR fails in building this confidence and trust in the minds of those in the NE then this will only be an opening to a new beginning in a new chapter to the ethnic conflict that this country has seen for decades.

    May be we are now able to rejoice and sense that normalcy is here to stay BUT retaining the permanancy of that normalcy rests with MR and his system of governence.

    If he fails then he too would suffer the same fate as did all his predecessors sans one. I Hope and pray it does not happen that way and that this is the dwan of a new era of hope and prosperity for Sri Lanka as ONE NATION.

    Wish Your Excellency and the government all the very best in your endeavours!!

  • 28 Jan 2010 11:56:45 GMT

    In Sri Lanka, to win an election, one needs to have a Hakke Buduras type of behavior, no matter how much Dhadamas he/she has in Bokke....

    Congratulations mahinda our people deserve your leadership for several decades..

  • 28 Jan 2010 12:06:12 GMT

    Magnum 357,

    If you are living in Sri Lanka, you wouldn`t be so ignorant about this election. MR didn`t win this election at all. From the start, MR and his gang violated every possible democratic norm in this election. They even targeted and killed elderly women who support SF in this election. The following excerpts from the election commissioner tell us almost everything happened in this election.

    `Under the empowerment of the Elections Commissioner as indicated in the 17th Amendment to the Constitution, I issued specific guidelines to the state media that were duly ignored. I then installed a Competent Authority for the state media who was completely disregarded. I then met the heads of state media but to no avail. I realized that this was a hopeless cause and so I had the Competent Authority removed.

    I was able to note that during the election, many state institutions operated in a manner not befitting state organisations.

    Some blamed me saying that my task was to ensure that the ballot boxes were safe and to ensure that the counting was done right. But under the circumstances I faced today, I could not even ensure the safety of even one ballot box. I did my duties during this time under great duress and mental agony.

    I hereby state that the situation has reached a dangerous level that is beyond me. I am also advanced in years and have served in this capacity for eight long years so I only ask that I be released from this thankless duty.

    It is impossible for me to work in peace under the circumstances I am constantly under stress and find that I may fall sick and have to face consequences of such an illness.

    Regional leaders harassed my team and I in several areas such as Puttalam, Anuradhapura, Matala Districts , they even bothered the counting centres. This is not a good trend. In fact, it reached an uncontrollable level of verbal abuse directed at Presiding Officers and Asst Elections Commissioners.

    I have been accused of favouring one party in the process of carrying out my duties. I regret that it is no longer possible for me to suffer such indignity and insult I am not able to do so physically or psychologically.

    (Continued in the next comment)

  • 28 Jan 2010 12:07:56 GMT

    Continued .....

    Even after this illegal victory, MR and his gang have threatened the political leaders who have democratically engaged in this election. One of the many threatening incidents is shown below.

    `I will set your Lanka newspaper on fire be warned were the words of Defence Secretary and brother of the President, Gotabaya Rajapakse to Somawansa Amarasinghe, the leader of the JVP. The Defence Secretary made this call this morning to Mr Amarasinghe s mobile phone. The conversation was witnessed by the JVP leader s driver and members of the staff.

    Around 9.21 am this morning, I received a call from the mobile no 077 3501626 which is the Defence Secretary s number. He threatened me with death but I told him that one dies only once. He then asked me if I had not lived abroad and I said yes, I have but so have you. He next threatened to set Lanka newspaper press on fire. Said Mr Amarasinghe at a press conference held in Pelawatte.

    Answering questions raised by media, Mr Amarasinghe said that the phone number was recorded on his phone and that he answered the call on the speaker which others could hear.

    All the above evidence confirm without doubt that MR and gang did not win the election. I wish the Sri Lankan people the courage and strength to defeat the illegal president (MR) in the near future.

  • 28 Jan 2010 13:06:45 GMT

    Here is the details of the press conference held by the JVP today.

    The just concluded presidential election is one that substantiated the slogan Executive presidency should be abolished put forward by the JVP said its Leader Somawansa Amarasinghe.

    Speaking at a press conference held at the head office of the JVP today (28th) morning Mr. Amarasinghe said the presidential election was an essential module of Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse s campaign for power. This project for power, instead of uniting the country after defeating terrorism, was responsible for disuniting the nation. The result of the election is another factor to substantiate our standpoint that executive presidency should be abolished. We experienced how communalism was used at the election. Communalism is a plague to this country. It is good to win elections. However, there wouldn t be any harmony among the masses.

    I should tell something Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse said after the presidential election in 2005 to me and to several leaders of our party. He told us that Galappaththi got the first place from Hambantota District in preferencial votes at the 2004 general election. We asked him how he got the first place then. He said he had done a computer manipulation. That s how he explained the act to us. Now people in this country have a massive doubt regarding the results of the presidential election.

    The security personnel provided to Gen. Sarath Fonseka on a court directive were removed before 11.00 p.m. yesterday. The vehicles given to him too were taken back. Nine officers with Gen. Fonseka were asked to report to Military police yesterday. Accordingly, they went back. They were handcuffed, made to kneel in front of Cinnamon Lake Hotel before they were herded away. There wasn t a single deserter among them. They did not have any weapon with them. Can you approve treating war heroes who risked their lives to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of this country in such a sordid manner?

    [continued in the following post]

  • 28 Jan 2010 13:07:39 GMT

    Continued ......

    The real conspiracy was launched before the commencement of the presidential election. The relevant documents are with Gen. Sarath Fonseka. The defense council of this country have met and discussed it. Finally, it was this conspiracy that made him to go to Cinnamon Lake Hotel. This conspiracy is not over yet. At the moment party leaders too are threatened.

    We reject the whole election process together with its result. We would take every possible legal action that could be taken. We would also take political measures.

    The General Secretary of the JVP Tilvin Silva addressing the media said the whole election process was corrupt, illegal and unjust. It was an election that did not manifest the public opinion.

    We had never seen the police discussing how to cast the vote. Discussions were held with the police regarding casting of votes. We also had not seen the Commander of the Army sending letters asking personnel to cast their votes for the government. However, it happened at this election. The government deployed state employees and resources for their campaign. Bribes were given. The Commissioner of Elections had to send a letter to the President reminding him that it was illegal to have lunches and dinners for state employees as a bribe to canvass their votes. The government intimidated the private media. The state media acted partial to Mr. Rajapakse and against Gen. Fonseka. As such, The Commissioner of Elections had to appoint a competent authority. However, his directives were not heeded. A court order too was issued asking that directives of Commissioner of Elections should be followed. However, all that was ignored. In the evening of the day of the election a massive propaganda was carried out that Gen. Sarath Fonseka was not a citizen of this country and asking people not to vote for him.

    The speech made by the Commissioner of Elections announcing election results was a funeral speech. He said he could not bear the stress. It is the government that pressurized him. This struggle begun for democracy has been given a new opportunity. Hence, we could guide it until the country achieves victory.

    Information secretary of the JVP Vijithe Herath, Leader of the group of its Parliamentarians Anura Dissanayake and Members of the Political Bureau K.D. Lal Kanthe and Chandrasena Wijesinghe were present.

  • 28 Jan 2010 13:35:53 GMT


    Yes I am in Sri Lanka and I am aware of how the state resources were abused. Abusing state resources is nothing new isn`t it???? Even the UNP when in power does the same. Only then it is the opposition who cries foul, this time it`s the UNP that is in the opposition. What the UNP did these rascals are doing better!!

    Killing supporters is also a thing practiced even by the UNP JVP etc etc. Even this time four supporters, two each from the MR camp and the SF camp paid with their lives. So both cqamps have indeed been gunning for the others supporters!! Who ever does it it is not correct. From what I gather in 1977 when JRJ rode to power with a landslide mandate the UNP supporters were given 7 days to celebrate with the police turning a blind eye and celebrate they did pulverising any SLFPer they could lay their hands on lock stock and barrel. Who would condone these?????? The rulers of that day did!!

    I do not for a moment condone any of the heinuous acts committed by MR against SF as you have explained BUT do you think SF would not have resorted to similar acts if he has won????What guarantee could you give????? You would have seen the manner in which he threatened many of his opponents. SO MR is not a saint I conclude by saying even SF is not a saint. This is the uncouth political culture that has grown over the years which now has reached unprecedented levels. Each government and the so called leaders that came into power are responsible for taking the post election violence and pre election violence to new levels. As to when we will see steadfast statesmanly politicians who would stop this barbaric behaviour after elections is any ones guess.

    Anyway MR has got a majority of 1.8m votes do you say these are all rigged hora votes?????

    Whatever said and done MR is in power. SF has taken the matter to the Supreme Court I beleive for a writ of Quo Warranto. Well lets wait and see.

  • 28 Jan 2010 15:07:03 GMT


    No one in this country believe what your kind of traitors spread. Weather the phone call is real or not, right or wrong. NO one cares now. You are a looser.

    60 laks of people are behind Mahinda the Great. As Magnum said they do not care the useless idiots and jokers like Somawansa being threatened or even being killed. What the people of this country want is safe living and Mahinda secured it and they hate UNP JVP jokers who try all kinds of childish things to gain power.

    If you like it or not they know who did the war and today they live in peace because of braveness of King Mahinda, no one else.

    You can continue your foolish actions, write km lengths of columns, TV shows, hope all the evil happen to this country during Mahinda period, but majority of the country take you as jokers and traitors that is the reality, your kind of people have no future in this country.

    As a Govt. servant who saw and did many election duties past 20 years this is one of the most genuine and peaceful in the history. You can always say no but thousands of officers and their families know that.

    If someone says 18 laks are hora votes it shows his knowledge about the election process of this country. What to do?

  • 28 Jan 2010 16:55:44 GMT

    The following comments from the Election Commissioner`s statement

    cast serious doubt not just on the margin of victory of MR but on the victory itself.

    [Some blamed me saying that my task was to ensure that the ballot boxes were safe and to ensure that the counting was done right. But under the circumstances I faced today, I could not even ensure the safety of even one ballot box. I did my duties during this time under great duress and mental agony.]

    [Regional leaders harassed my team and I in several areas such as Puttalam, Anuradhapura, Matala Districts , they even bothered the counting centres. This is not a good trend. In fact, it reached an uncontrollable level of verbal abuse directed at Presiding Officers and Asst Elections Commissioners.]

    If the Commissioner could NOT ensure the safety of even one ballot box, how can any one accept the results as correct?

    If the Commissioner`s staff at counting centres were harassed and Presiding Officers and Asst. Election Commissioners abused, is there any guarantee that the counting was done correctly?

    It appears that the whole process of counting the votes has been manipulated in an unprecedented manner to produce the result that has been announced.

    How pointedly relevant are Joseph Stalin`s words on elections in a democracy.

    `In an election in a democracy, the outcome is decided not by the people who vote but by those who do the counting.`