Industrial Park in Kadawatha

  • 17 Jan 2010 02:08:22 GMT

    African investors urged to look at Sri Lanka

    A Sri Lankan business mission to Africa recently urged investors there to visit Sri Lanka and make use of the abundant opportunities available for foreign investors.

    These comments were echoed by the President of the Sri Lanka Africa and Middle East Business Council, Samantha Ranatunga, Managing Director/CEO of the Chemical Industries (Colombo) PLC, when addressing the business community during the recent trade and investment promotion mission to Egypt, Ghana and Togo. Mr. Ranatunga was the mission leader. The Sri Lanka Africa and Middle East Business Council formed by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce (CCC), organized its maiden trade and investment promotion mission to these three countries from December 4 to 11, 2009.

    The CCC in a statement said the 8-member delegation comprised Alucop Cables Ltd. (Daya Panditha Executive Director), Chemical Industries (Colombo) PLC (Samantha Ranatunga), Imperial Teas (Pvt) Ltd. (Nisal Weerasekera Manager, International Marketing), Samson Rubber Industries (Pvt) Ltd. R.D.D. Abeythilake Director Commerce), NMK Group of Companies (Manjula Narayana Managing Director) and USS Shipping & Cargo Services (Pte) Ltd. (Mohamed Azweer Director).

    The mission was co-ordinated by Ms. Lilakshini de Mel, Senior Assistant Secretary General of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

    The Sri Lanka Embassy in Egypt organized one to one business meetings for the delegates in association with the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Egypt Businessmen Association and the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce & Industry enabling members of the delegation to interact with potential business partners in addition to individual business meetings arranged with main importing agencies of the Government of Egypt.

    The Ghana National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Togo Chamber of Commerce and Industry stated that this is the first occasion in which a group of businessmen from Sri Lanka visited Ghana and Togo on a trade and investment promotion mission.

  • 17 Jan 2010 04:45:23 GMT

    Swedish investor undeterred by war, conflict in Sri Lanka

    A top Swedish investor said this week that war, conflict and other issues has not deterred investments in Sri Lanka having invested in the country for the past 23. Rune Flinth, Chairman, Flinth Industrial Park (Pvt) Ltd, made these comments to the Business Times soon after the launch of Flinth Industrial Park on a lush 10-acre land in Ranmuthugala Estate, Kadawatha this week.

    This industrial park provides world class production facilities and at present there are 10 multinational companies making use of this facility.

    [One of the companies present at the park is Aero Sense, a manufacturer of high precision sensors for the aviation and aerospace industries.]

    Mr Flinth said that this is an investment of $11 million and already $7 million has been spent on the project. He said that he started his industries in Sri Lanka 23 years ago and is a veteran investor where he has number of other companies functioning in his home country Sweden, UK and USA in addition to Sri Lankan investments.

    He said that his investments were not affected by the conflict and as the conflict is now over, he was making further investments in Sri Lanka. He said that in addition to the investments, a large number of jobs is provided in addition to training.

    The veteran Swedish investor said that for the usage of modern high tech, well trained personnel are needed and found that Sri Lankans are trainable in any trade. He also appreciated the high quality of Sri Lankan engineers.

    Dhammika Perera, Chairman/ Director General, Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, speaking at the launch conceded that setting up of these industrial parks is the duty of the government, but it is greatly appreciated that the foreign private sector was establishing them.

  • 2 May 2010 10:03:42 GMT

    My Daddy is the MD of Aerosense in the UK and in Sri Lanka :D

  • 3 May 2010 00:13:37 GMT

    Sri Lanka looks like it is on the verge of seeing a transformation hitherto never seen in the history of the country. We will be seeing the war torn politically unstable, hell hole transformed into country as one of the best tourist destinations in the world, and also trasformed into a manufacturing country from a mainly agricultural country. The manufacturing abilities will be second to none.

    These are the stark realities which the western eelamites cannot bare to see. When the country prospers so do the lives of all Sri lankans. With the boom in tourism those living in the NE of Sri lanka are sure to see a better life style hitherto never seen specially by the generation born after 1983. This is what the western eelamites do not want to happen. They want those living in the NE to suffer. That way these western eelamites sell the sorry story to the west and justify their refugee claims as well as collect funds for a supposed liberation struggle pocketing most of it.

    The more the people in the NE suffer the more benefits for these western domiciled eelamites. With the war ending and the country, specially the NE developing and promising a good life foreveryone there these eelamites are having their hopes dashed. They are now not able to sell a sorry story to the west, their refugee claims are in limbo, human smuggling on the pretext of refugees is being put on check and in short the tables have turned on them. Those living in the NE are on the verge of a good life while the western eelamites are in for bad times. This they simply despice.

    The many actions we see today by these western eelamites such as agitations and protest marches denouncing investors and tourists from going to Sri Lanka etc etc are all ample testimony to the fact that these eelamites do not want Sri lanka to prosper. They do not want Sri lankans to prosper and this includes the tamils living in the NE who now after 30 years are about to see the good things life.