UK backs GSP withdrawal to Sri Lanka

  • 10 Jan 2010 15:32:26 GMT

    Pot calling the kettle black.

    How can the British Government hypocrites exppress concerns to the GOSL on war crimes when like them GOSL too fought Terrorists. Furthermore, GOSL had to fight Terrorists supported by the UK, Europe and the West.

    Duplicity of the British Government has now come to bear on them. Their big freeze is now freezing them out and the UK citizens are paying for the misdemeanors of the British Government facing a miserable cold spell.

    Even the weather gods too are agitated by the actions of British Government and shower relentless retribution by way of inclement weather.

    May Gareth & the perpetrators FREEZE to their bones.

    GOSL will not be dictated.

    Do not step into SL to investigate BUT go and Investigate yourselves of your crimes in Iraq & Afganistan..

  • 11 Jan 2010 02:58:49 GMT

    In short what the UK and Garreth Thomas are saying is that GSP+ will be given ONLY IF MR is chased out and SF is put in power!

    Therefore UK supports SF!!


    MR`s govt has very clearly told the EU that if they want to give the GSP+ concessions to SL they could do so BUT that the SL govt would NOT go beggging for it.

    Denawanam deepan nethnam palayaw yanda ratata angili gahanney nethuwa.

  • 11 Jan 2010 03:20:49 GMT


    What is the purpose our being a member of british commonwealth?

    Can`t we say good bye to this `pilikanna` of this old `walawwa`?

  • 11 Jan 2010 11:32:37 GMT

    [What is the purpose our being a member of british commonwealth]

    Still some of our people LOVE that British Raaja ushney!! They love to say they went to England, they love to say their children are doing higher studies in England, some also dream about going to England and living there( Gihin inna evungen thamai Engalanthey jeewithey arthal eka ahaganda onaa ara Londonwala hadda parana podi parai kooduwala seethale gehi gehi legala inna jeewithey!)

    If not for this Imperialistic mentality no one would care too hoots for the British or the commonwealth. But our people LOVE old dilapidated bankoloth aristocratic walawwas even to be on the `agu pil` because they feel they are important that way!!