A question of legitimacy

  • 8 Jan 2010 12:45:26 GMT

    The fact is MR has to be sent packing as he is beginning to treat the country and it`s resources as his family property..... BUT .....SF and none of the other contenders at the moment are not the alternative answers to MR!!

    Ithing mokakda me rate minissu karanda onaa???????

  • 8 Jan 2010 17:16:18 GMT

    Magnum, I agree. See his appointment of his brother in law late last year as deputy ambassador to Vienna, also as additional representative to the UN, a complete mottapala who was a spare parts salesman at Vauxhall and Toyota until recently with no diplomatic experience whatsoever. Reputedly a kappang karaya for the family.

    HOWEVER, the fact is SF is a bigger danger to the country than MR.

    I say, better the known devil in this case. This is known as Realpolitik.