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Hirdaramani Group to launch another green factory in Sri Lanka

Thursday, 1 October 2009 - 9:56 AM SL Time
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The Hirdaramani Group will open its latest green factory CKT Apparel (Pvt) Ltd., tomorrow at Agalawatte, Yatiyana.

Hirdaramani Group Director, Arjuna Kuruppu said it is evident that man s action has resulted in global warming and consequently the ecological system has been destroyed and fresh water levels have depleted.

Our team at CKT Apparel took this into consideration and achieved something completely different for a better tomorrow. CKT Apparel (Pvt) Ltd., or Mihila is the latest addition to the Hirdaramani Group which focused on being environmental friendly.

The 135,000 square foot factory has been built on 8.5 acres with an investment of US$ 6 million.

The CKT Apparel green factory is an integrated facility to handle knitted products with a capacity to produce over half a million pieces per month while generating over 1,200 employment opportunities for youth in rural areas, he said.

The significance of this factory is that it is committed to reduce the carbon footprint in the process and to conserve water.

Among the key features are conservation of energy, generation of renewable energy, conservation of water, waste management and setting up of a bio diversify refuge and community development project. CKT Apparel (Pvt) generates solar power during holidays and is added to the national grid through an import-export metre installed by the Ceylon Electricity Board.

This is the first apparel factory to commence operations with solar power, he said. We will also convert all the other Hirdaramani factories into the green factory concept soon.

The benefits of these green factories will be also shared not only among the factories but also among the public too since these green factories do not cause any harm to the environment , Kuruppu said. Though there is a drop in production in the apparel industry, due to the global economic downturn, we are hopeful that the future of the apparel industry will be better and we could bring more foreign exchange to the country to stabilize our economy , he said.

[ At a glance]

* $6 million investment on CKT Apparel (Pvt) Ltd

* First apparel factory to commence operations with solar power

* All Hirdaramani factories to be converted to the green factory concept

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LK Information  1 Oct 2009 14:58:09 GMT  Report for Abuse  
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LK Information  1 Oct 2009 22:17:30 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Sri Lanka going 'green'!
Very good timely news when other countries are already in the process of doing research work and using 'green powers'.
The Government must give financial support for those who go on the correct path.
And more and more industrial bosses should follow suit.

Edited By - aruma - 1 Oct 2009 22:21:07 GMT
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LK Information  2 Oct 2009 01:38:12 GMT  Report for Abuse  
I think they do have two standy by diesel power 500 K.W generators !
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LK Information  2 Oct 2009 07:29:09 GMT  Report for Abuse  
Sri lanka going green is not a good sign. It should be going blue/red!!
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