Beauty and the beast (A story from Galle)

  • 24 Sep 2009 00:41:47 GMT

    `Beauty and the beast`. So after beauty kisses the beast, game over!

  • 24 Sep 2009 00:52:01 GMT

    Anarkali`s anthem...... Mata mulu lowama obai.....

  • 24 Sep 2009 04:30:08 GMT

    Anakali and SLFP are of the same virtues Ready to sleep with anybody anytime for power and money.

  • 24 Sep 2009 04:42:02 GMT

    It was always thugs becoming politicians now bimbos are made to be politicians by mati harak voters. Awesome !

    Once a Tart Always a Tart

    Once a Thug Always a Thug

    Once a Dumb Voter Always a Dumb Voter