Come September not good for tourism in SL -Hoteliers

  • 12 Sep 2009 06:07:04 GMT

    [deserve to hacked piece by piece with machetes.]

    Thanks for showing us the true nature of kazhuthais like you. May I ask who is left over to hack people to death with machetes?

  • 12 Sep 2009 19:55:21 GMT

    Well, to tell you the truth, I am not sri lankan, but I used to like your country very much.

    Nowadays I am not very pleased with all I have been reading for the past few years and the way things are developing. I know the people have not changed, but that`s in my opinion just a matter of time, since you swallow all your government is telling you.

    The way your government and the people have been scalding the western countries which have been feeding you for the past 60 years, doesn`t really become the tourism industry.

    Certainly not while the world is in recession and although all governments want you to believe recession is over, take it from me, it didn`t really started yet. So, since the western tourist were the ones who brought in the cash, bad publicity at the wrong time.

    And the ones who still intend to spend a lot on holidays, they can go anywhere in Asia, Sri Lanka is quite nice, but there are places even nicer, where they don`t spit on western people.

    So my conclusion: your government f.cked up, especially since tourism is the number 2 of importance for the SL economy.

  • 13 Sep 2009 18:38:22 GMT

    And the other one, apparel?

    Since this site does not allow copy and paste, I will paste it myself. This is an article from The Economist.

    There is not much high-minded western countries - to whom Sri lanka once looked for aid money - can do about this (this is about all that went wrong during the war).

    MR has found alternative friends in China, Libya, Pakistan and others, who recently scotched a European effort to launch a war-crime investigation into Sri Lanka.

    But the Europeans do have one wrench on MR`s government: a trade concession known as `GSP Plus`. This boon, which has helped make exports to the EU country`s the biggest souce of foreign exchange, wort $3.3 billion last year, is up for revieuw.

    Judging by an EU-commissioned report on Sri Lanka`s compliance with its terms, which include stipulations on human rights, it can kiss the concession goodbye.

    Ineligible for GSP Plus because:

    Widespread police torture

    Abductions of journalists

    Politicised courts

    Uninvestigated disappearances, to name a few, have all created a state of complete or virtually complete impunity in SL.

    A final decision is not due till October. The government, which barred the report`s authors from visiting SL, called the study `outragious` (what`s new?), but seems resigned to losing the trade preference: a senior official in the trade ministry, S. Ranugge, admitted: GSP Plus is very unlikely.

    Perhaps this doesn`t bother MR, defying the West is part of his appeal.

    Anyway, his minions recently secured a $2.6 billion loan from the IMF.

    But as an indicator of where one of Asia`s oldest democracies may be headed, it should worry Sri Lankans, and all who wish their country well.