Why bribe voters with poll promises

  • 9 Sep 2009 05:17:30 GMT

    [Why bribe voters with poll promises]

    The voters buy these `promises` by the dozen and the person or party whose `promises` sell most emerges victorious.

    In a country, where except for a few, a good majority are gullible idiots, `promises` are the road to electoral victory.

    So the voters are bribed with unrealistic promises which seem realistic to their idiotic minds. The person or party that is most `realistically deceptive` emerges victorious.

    Thereafter all the politicians enjoy life with the ruling party politicians having the cream, while the voters are burdened and continue to suffer with only the hope of a good life may be `at the next election`, and the Nation gets the politicians and rulers that they deserve!!

    That`s the way it has been in Sri Lanka, that`s the way it is in Sri Lanka and that`s the way it will be in Sri Lanka!!