Cars, hearts and kidneys

  • 20 Aug 2009 07:14:13 GMT

    Gon karaththen Haputale Kanda Niginna Berilu.

    How can (he) climb the Hauplate by Bullock cart!!

  • 20 Aug 2009 08:32:02 GMT

    [On Tuesday, Parliament was told that three million rupees had been allocated for repairs to the Speaker`s official car. Although this is a colossal amount of money]

    Throw away his old car and buy a fleet of Micros for the entire cabinet with that money.

  • 20 Aug 2009 09:40:07 GMT

    VJM had to refuse those fund,he may have to use a small car,and he must go by train when he travle badulla.

    no need luxary vehicle him to go `niwana`.

    he is using pali words to address the people.all are BAILLA.

    Let,s go ,let`s go

  • 20 Aug 2009 14:41:26 GMT

    When JRJ was alive when complained he approved corruptions by the MPs and their close ones.

    So, it continues. Since then every Sri Lankan leader engaged in it and allowed it.

    That is how I think.

    One MInister had spent Rs 269000 per months for his leased Car. That is equivalent to $ 2700 in Canadian. that is about the 4 times expenditure if done in Canada.

    [ A sum of Rs.268,650.00 from ministry allocations have been paid for a Mitsubishi Montero vehicle Piyasiri Wijenayake has obtained after he was appointed as the Non-Cabinet Minister of Cultural Affairs. This money has been spent for using the vehicle for 31 days between 09.07.2009 and 08.08.2009. The monthly rent for the vehicle is Rs.165,000.00 and Rs.103,650.00 has been spent for extra mileage of 2073 km the vehicle had been used for.

    The mileage the vehicle is allotted for a month is 2000 km and the minister has covered a mileage of more than 4000 km in a month. The employees in the Ministry of Cultural Affairs say the distance from Dondra Head to Point Pedro is 432 km and comparing the mileage the minister has covered he had made the trip from the two points in the island ten times they point out. ]

  • 20 Aug 2009 18:14:07 GMT

    Nepotism and dynastic politics are common across South Asia, still, what is unfolding in Sri Lanka is unprecedented.

    With siblings, cousins and nephews ubiquitous, the administration has a distinct `Rajapakse flavour`. Beside the presidency, Rajapakse controls the ministries of defense, public security and law and order, finance, religious affairs and moral upliftment, and highways and road development.

    Two of his brothers are functioning as his alter-ego and only one of this foursome is supposed to have any brains, and that for sure is not the president.

    But the four of them together control 67,6% of the national budget.

    Not bad hey, for just one `supposed` basi(l)c brain?

    Sri Lanka believed that with the end of the war their freedoms would return. The defeat of the LTTE and the death of Prabha has ended the latter`s dictatorial rule over the Tamil people.

    With Raja following Prabha`s strategy of crushing dissent and democracy, authoritarianism disguised in the garb of democracy looms over the island.

    Ofthen said and very true, `the people get the government they deserve`.

    So you want change? Get moving!