Pelwatta Dairy to produce milk powder

  • 8 Aug 2009 12:30:05 GMT

    YEh, Sri Lanka needs some always ready type Gonnambas to keep GON NAMBISS pregnant continuously..

  • 8 Aug 2009 17:13:24 GMT

    [The manufacture of milk powder will commence in November. Around 300 people have secured employment at the plant..]

    this is a good start off.. but we should manage to keep the quality standards high thus improving its brand image... and meet the adequate demands in the domestic market for a reasonable yet competitive price Vs the international brands......

  • 8 Aug 2009 23:12:27 GMT

    [The Pelwatta Sugar, Ethanol and Dairy plant will operate as models for the country]

    Way to go..

  • 9 Aug 2009 04:09:46 GMT

    Diary industry is one of the most lucrative business Sri Lanka can adopt in its way forward. In ME,I have seen how successfully they are doing the diary industry with a good profit while supplying fresh milk for their people.

    There, the Industry is running with imported animal food (Grass etc), Labor etc still making a good profit. Given the fact that we have more resources than in ME in term of labor, animal food, environment etc we have a very good chance..

  • 9 Aug 2009 04:26:47 GMT

    Now watch for the demise of Nestle,Danone,Parmalat your days are numbered literally.Fontera you are a gone by lunch time.