`Appalling` propaganda

  • 25 May 2009 20:33:50 GMT

    Well don`t worry, the more apalling it is, the more chance to get funded to rebuild the north.

    It`s the UN remember, all about humanity.

  • 25 May 2009 21:56:28 GMT

    Propoganda tinged with malice is definitely doing the rounds globally to tarnish the image of Sri lanka. Certain Jaffna Tamils along with their influence on the CNN and BBC are one of the main attributes.

    Double standards of the US and UK in relation to the war on terror in Sri lanka, which was won in no unprecedented terms, and the war on terror in other parts of the world which the US and UK are struggling to get on top amidst the umptene violations of international human rights law is clearly evident.

    When Sri lanka eliminates terrorists the US and UK and other human rights activists see it as `genocide`, `oppression`, `victimisation`, `war crimes` and what ever else they may see as prudent. When the US and the UK do the same in Pakistan, Iraq or Afghanistan then it`s a different song that is sung. The US and the UK would no doubt be aware that what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander but prefer to be hypocrits.

    When the LTTE was running it`s rule of terror killing mainly innocent sinhalese for the last 26 years with the many bomb attacks and massacres the UK the US and those `very concerned` human rights activists did absolutely NOTHING except may be issue condemnation messages to the media.

    While doing that the US and the UK for purposes of diplomacy banned the LTTE and then permitted the LTTE to operate on it`s soil to cause mayhem in Sri Lanka. Britain allowed Anton Balasingham to live in London, seek treatment at British Hospitals and when the rascal died he was accorded something similar to a state funeral at Alexandra Palace with even the British Police in attendance. Would the UK do the same for a Taleban or al-Qaida leader?

    When the US and the UK set about their task of eliminating Taleban outfits or pockets of the al-Qaida and in the process kill civillians, then it is not seen as `genocide`, `oppression` or any of the other `colorful` discriptions the US and the UK can think of. If this isn`t double standards then what is?????

    The CNN and BBC are the suck ups to the US and UK. Jaffna Tamils have infiltrated both these countries and are a main cause for spreading false propoganda.

    With the end of terrorism in Sri lanka tourism is definitely bound to pick up and with it the true image of Sri lanka would once again go out to the world. It`s just a matter of time before Sri lanka comes out on top silencing the malicious propoganda of mainly the US the UK and the human rights activists.

  • 25 May 2009 23:49:10 GMT

    [`Appalling` propaganda ]

    Is that Lanka`s `Apalaya`. Kiraekam/saneeswaran ??

    Bad omen???


  • 26 May 2009 03:15:20 GMT


    Well said.

    Add to that the Israeli brutalities in Palestine for over 60 years and contemptuous rejection of dozens of UNSC resolutions, its 33-day non-stop bombardment of Lebanon in 2006 reducing a sizeable part to rubble and killing and wounding thousands, its recent 22 day non-stop pummelling of Gaza where schools, mosques, govt. facilities were targetted including UN facilities and killing and wounding thousands.

    Thy hypocritic US, UK and the West remain silent at all these Nazi like atrocities with the US giving billions of dollars more to the Israelis while the toothless UN can only look on.

  • 26 May 2009 06:01:12 GMT

    Well the US attacked Iraq going against the ruling of the UN security council saying they had weapons of mass destruction. Also when Israel attacked a Hamas hospital UN screamed saying it was a UN hospital which was attacked and no guns were there. The US denied bombing Pakistan with Drones but one of there senators gave them up and the pictures came to light that in fact the Drones flew from Pakistan.

    Also have they forgotten the `Iron Lady` who said she will beat the IRA by the Bullet or Ballot!

    The days of the west are ending so let them shout. End of the day Sri Lanka won with the LTTE and that`s the end of it.

  • 26 May 2009 08:54:36 GMT

    [The CNN and BBC are the suck ups to the US and UK. Jaffna Tamils have infiltrated both these countries and are a main cause for spreading false propoganda.]

    Damn it! How gullible the CNN and BBC are for believing the propaganda spreading by the Jaffna Tamils! How can one go against this ancient and enchanting nation like Sri Lanka? There is no need for a reconciliation with these gutter Tamils, we Sinhala Buddhists are great people and we will prevail come what may as we have China and Russia.