Giving Tigers `oxygen of hope`

  • 15 May 2009 13:07:58 GMT

    Thank you my derest and loving president obama. coming front to save the tamil people. you are our god.

    all the blessings and good luck come to you and your loving family.

  • 15 May 2009 14:35:57 GMT

    Dano said, `None is going to & should support genocide under a false pretence of a war on terrorism`

    When I read the first sentence thought you were referring to the USA, it surely applies to them than any other country on earth.

    How America Gets Away With Murder

    They call it `collateral damage,` but legally and morally it is really mass murder. In Kosovo, America claimed its war was a `humanitarian intervention,` in Afghanistan, `self-defense,` and in Iraq, it claimed the authority of the Security Council of the United Nations. Yet each of these wars was illegal according to established rules of international law. According to these rules, illegal wars fall within the category of `supreme international crimes`. So how come the war crimes tribunals never manage to turn their sights on America and always wind up putting America`s enemies -- `the usual suspects` -- on trial? This new book by renowned scholar Michael Mandel offers a critical account of America`s illegal wars and a war crimes system that has granted America`s leaders an unjust and dangerous impunity, effectively encouraging their illegal wars and the war crimes that always flow from them.

  • 15 May 2009 14:43:56 GMT

    I am a great fan of the President. When I saw his statement about Sri Lanka, I had a very different impression about his message than those expressed by this article or from the two comments before me.

    His message was basically that LTTE should release the civilians and GOSL should not harm civilians. There is currently a perception in the world that GOSL is not sufficiently taking into account the world opinion that the civilian casualties must be limited. If anybody has any idea that in his message there was any sign of support to the LTTE they are daydreaming. Remember, just asking the Sri Lankan government to be mindful of civilian casualties does not translate into support to the LTTE. Most Sinhalese including the writer and the two commentators before me have sadly missed this point

  • 15 May 2009 15:34:33 GMT

    [samr:Most Sinhalese including the writer and the two commentators before me have sadly missed this point]

    Unfortunately, that is the situation in Sorry Lanka. Any word against the GoSL is taken as supportive of `LTTE` (`terrorists` as termed by GoSL), even if it does not support LTTE directly or indirectly. All SinHellAsses must put a plaster on their mouth until nGota and MR rules.

  • 15 May 2009 16:48:21 GMT

    Yes, it is very unfortunate that the US leadership is totally blinded by the media. This is the reality in the US where everything is misled by the media. On the other hand I don`t think they are misled. I think they are purposely striving to save an on-going conflict which benefits the sale of arms (which is a huge part of the revenues to the US). From what I see, UN is the front organization for US, UK, and France (mainly) to promote peace as a cover up but continue to fester the conflicts around the world so they can sell weapons. Unfortunately, this is the reality, money talks. Majority of Sri Lankan US citizens that voted to put Obama and Hilary in office is regretting their decision to support them to win the US elections. They are now in the hot seat to save the revenue streams and SL is caught in the middle. Hats off to the Sri Lankan president and the government for continuing the war and destroying the LTTE beast without giving into international pressure. It is high time Sri Lanka learned the big picture of international politics. No foreign country has the best interest of SL. Everyone has a hidden agenda. I am glad we have a president that understand the art of playing the international political game. If you can`t beat them, you got to join them and play their game and serve our interests. Thank you Mr. President Rajapaksa.

  • 15 May 2009 17:03:09 GMT

    Obama is a guy who will say WHATEVER he could to win an election. People need to study his history a bit more carefully and also pay a lot of attention to some Democratic commentators who spoke of this duplicity regarding Obama AFTER THE PRIMARIES! They said Obama will not DO what he SAID. And they ARE right! Here is a man who ran during the primaries refusing to wear the U.S Flagpin saying it is MADE IN CHINA - only to sell the whole country to China through unprecedented borrowings since coming to office. Political hypocracy doesn`t get any worse than Obama.

    No wonder he is now making statements demanding certain types of behvior on the part of SLA (that his own frigging army don`t adhere to) that the SLA has already assured MONTHS ago.

    Obama is fit to sit by the PISSAN KOTUWA by the Diyawanna, not in WDC.

  • 15 May 2009 18:20:49 GMT

    LTTE is playing their card in a very clever mannar. They influenced Sorry Lanka to make enough enemies. Allmost the entire West is against Sorry Lanka.

    After capturing Kilinochi in January, they said it will not take another 2 months to wipe out the LTTE.

    Now they are talking about oxygen to Tigers by Obama, Hilary, Jayalalitha, etc. LTTE is still live and kicking.

    Both LTTE and Tamil Eelam will never die. GOSL is only feeding punnakku to the Sinhala Modayass.

  • 16 May 2009 00:29:18 GMT

    CholaPandyan, punnakku eating Sinhala people or the GOSL will go to history as the people who truly eradicated terrorism from its soil. Even your savior Obama has no clue how to fight terrorism. Sri Lanka is not worried about the West. It is worried about the country`s future.Once your LTTE terrorists are gone, there will be greater opportunities and future for the Tamils. Once the tamils have all that and you still want to dream about having terrorism, that is your problem and not GOSL`s.


  • 16 May 2009 00:36:53 GMT

    US and UK will not be happy to see a war getting to a end.

    They are the most vicious nations who produce weapons against human extinsions...with military based in every part of the world...fueling countries against each other and selling there products to feed there countryman.

  • 16 May 2009 00:37:37 GMT

    Dude Cholapandyan. It is unfortunate that still people like you are not seeing the real picture. LTTE took you guys for a ride and took your money and never worked to help the real Tamil people stuck in Jaffna. Also, India took you guys for a major ride and they keep doing it to the rest of you in Southern India. The right place for you to fight for a separate state is India not Sri Lanka. But you don`t have the `kahuna` to do it in India. At least have the gratitude to thank the Sri Lankan forces and the government for saving your brothers and sister`s lives from the LTTE beast. It is appalling and pathetic to hear people like you are still blinded by the LTTE and support them while they shoot your own (civilians) in the back because the civilians are running from the so called savior of Jaffna Tamils, `LTTE.` I am sad to burst your bubble, the game is over! Open your eyes and learn that in the history of the world, there have never been a separate state that was taken by warfare. Do the right thing and now send your money to the SL government to feed your brother and sister in Jaffna. Join the political stream and join hands to rage peace.