Two State Solution is the only way forward

  • 23 Apr 2009 13:02:57 GMT

    With LTTE or without LTTE, Tamil Eelam is the only acceptable solution for our people who is suffering since the independence and Portuguese invasion.

    The course of the history will have been different, if Pandyans kicked out the buggers without helping them to settle down, or if the Cholas finished off their job properly, or if the Muslims never invaded India.


    If VP is gone, India and IC won`t have any excuses anymore. So I agree, Thalaivar`s time is over, he tried and failed. Tamils wasted 30 years and 25`000 great souls.

    But the game is not over at all. We will fight until justice is done, until our people are free of Sinhala monopoly in our homeland.

  • 23 Apr 2009 13:14:24 GMT

    Kural and Thalo

    if you still keep contemplating about Tamil Eelam ,

    it will lead to greater levels of Genocide of your own brothers and sisters.

    Try to Think why we put them in barbed wired camps.

    The longer you think about Eelam , more number of your Tamils in Ceylon will attain Eelam.

  • 23 Apr 2009 13:39:09 GMT

    [The reality is that the fighting for separate state is futile and unwise and unrealistic based on ground condition, resources and IC opinion or support.

    The way diaspora bahaves is unwise and the sad part the efforts go in vain unless they give up worshiping VP and fight for our rights in a way acceptable to IC]

    I agree with Thalaivar.

  • 23 Apr 2009 13:48:27 GMT

    [The way diaspora bahaves is unwise]

    Diaspora consists of most selfish scums.

    If you want an eelam go to Sri Lanka with your children and fight with SL forces. You can`t get other people children to fight for your ego.

  • 23 Apr 2009 15:21:31 GMT

    Some of you tamils are scum on earth.

    There is overwhelmingly evidence to see that LTTE is making your relatives suffer. but, you people want PEELAM at any cost. Because, of that you keep on scolding.

  • 23 Apr 2009 15:44:55 GMT

    Thalaivar , it looks like you have read DBS jeyaraj comment in one of the article .

    i like his writing and style. he is a gem no question about it. but that doesnt mean he is right on everything. specially he is anti LTTE from day 1.

    but on Thalaivar and tamil eelam , iam more than convinced , forget about 1956,66,76,83,even 93.

    i have been noticing the government new laws and things it always undermine tamils.

    what this sinhala government is looking for is a tamil leadership just as of upcountry.

    leaders were given money and minister posts and nothing to be done to the welfare of the upcountry people.

    that is how now pillayan is created , he was given post and money and he is a ruber stamp.

    that is what they are looking for in the north. they are looking for new ruber stamp if not they have DogClass.

    just look at the last few policies of this government. also last governemnts

    emergency law continues it only effect tamils entire house vote for it.

    over 10 year inactive bank accounts money are confiscated , who is effected?

    all the tamils who had save their money was forced out of the country and when they left the bank didnt have any money to give it to them. now their money is taken by sinhala government. it backed by entire sinhalese.

    tax laws etc everything targetting tamils. for example when dispora tamils came to buy land and houses 100% tax introduced.

    there were few bus bombs and in all occations sinhalese was compansated.

    but in the last 20 years sinhala governemt bombing our people did they ever compansate anyone?

    when 5 students in trincomale was shot by srilankan army by point blank range government accused them of granade exploded later the journalst who took photo of the gun shot would was also killed by srilankan army.

    look at every law man . it delibarately target tamils.

    therfore self determination is the only wayforward.

    entire world in now convinced