Who is George Master ? Who is Daya Master ?

  • 22 Apr 2009 12:22:17 GMT

    [He started life as a private tutor in English language and was running a tuition centre in Puloly. Daya Master started life as a private tutor in English language and was running a private tuition centre in Puloly]

    Since his background with education he can use his brains to survive, unlike child recruits whose brains are washed to suicide, self-immolate.

  • 22 Apr 2009 14:43:38 GMT

    There are no goodies or badies in a terrorists.

    terrorist is a terrorist.

    He and george must be arrested and detained under PTA and charged for `Vicarious Liabilities` of being connected with and/or concerned in terrorists activities & waging war against a democratically elected Government.

    Condemened to life imprisonment.

    Judgement, signed, sealed and delivered.

    No revenge, its justice.

  • 27 Apr 2009 04:56:44 GMT

    As KOLY sent the comments on this issue I think you make some stories that are not true. If you know him personally first of all he did not work in Galle at all in his service as I was a post master. I know him very well as a good friend though I am a sinhalese and he was a person who maintained his good friendship with his colleagues. As far as I know him he had never been called as Patric master. He did not have a brother like you said killed in somewhere in Jaffna and don`t think that you are very brave. May be you guess someone else. One thing you should remember that these are some high level of political matters and this is being dealt in the international level. As you and some other stupid comments cannot make any serious effects on these matter. Now our Sinhalese community is trying to show that we are their enemies and make the situation worse. The government is not going to give you a reward for these silly comments. Be sensible and wish good things for our country.