Sri Lanka government to pay compensation to the victims of suspected LTTE attack

  • 15 Apr 2009 03:03:12 GMT

    I am a lands caper

  • 15 Apr 2009 11:37:01 GMT


  • 16 Apr 2009 01:02:05 GMT

    Sri Lanka Air-Force is a beacon of light to all Air Forces around the world. The most advanced Air-Forces do not care too much about colatteral dammage in comparison to the pricision and care of our pilots. We do not possess large bombers to do carpet bombings, other wise elephant pass would have really been a `cake-walk`.

    The second and third in command of the Air Force of our only homeland are also Tamil ! What of nazi peelaam ? Our Indian brothers also consider our army commander to be the best !! Well at least he is not too fat, sick or in hiding to take an active role!

    What of suicide bums and artilarry barages on UN standard IDP camps and civilians? AKilling cuvillians is a basis of terrorist survival and no govt including our own benefits from civilian casualties. We know the terrorists understand and exploit this well. `Zero casualties to civilians policy` should be adopted in Iraq, Afhanistan and other countries as well.

    If there was any model war in our human history in recent times it is this and other millitary establishments around the world are taking notice.