KO these terrorists, too

  • 31 Mar 2009 11:59:23 GMT

    Don`t worry we are live in sri lanka,this is the most populer system in here.police derpartment is not indipendent from politics,

    most of ``gonpart``people(they made money in doing illegal buisness or robery) trying to populer among the sociaty.that`s what they engage with the politeciens in provicial council,urbern coumcil,pradesheeya saba.and getting POST OF ``SAMAVINASURU``

    innocent and poor people are threaten by above both POLITICIANS & GONPART.

    most of people trying to populer use in what ever stars.no producttivity,no production to country.

    when comes on to Sarana scenario,that is his culture.because he is srilankan politicians,

    thats what DESHAPREEMEENs

    TRAVEL by Toyota ALLION GO TO the MC DONALDS,order the berger and coke/pepsi have chat ABOUT their children in UK/USA/AUSI,


  • 31 Mar 2009 16:22:20 GMT

    UPFA MP Sarana Gunawardena

    Dear Sir,

    People like sarana must be kicked out as MP it`s people like him are the one who bring shame to sri lanka.

  • 31 Mar 2009 23:01:25 GMT

    Now any one going to point out worst things happens in the West or this is all propaganda by Western foreign Aide Agency`s or Christean conspiracy?.Surly no MP in the present government will ever engage in thuggery(buggery now thats another issue.)

  • 3 Apr 2009 03:35:31 GMT

    Still this fellow will have moda voters to vote for him lol

  • 3 Apr 2009 05:22:26 GMT

    [Failing to abduct Primal, who managed to escape, the gang had forcibly taken his son away. ]

    That is really cruel. Poor boy. As a parent I feel terrible.

    [It is not only the child abductors of the North who deserve a severe thrashing. Those who dare snatch children in the South, too, must be severely dealt with.]

    To the extent we find fault with others whilst we are unclean - any win that we have is unearned. It`s real earnings that give us self confidence and dignity.