Promoting terrorism the UN way in Sri Lanka

  • 2 Mar 2009 22:35:35 GMT

    [Would an Al Qaeda backer been allowed to operate at the UN in that manner?]

    No because Al Qaeda attacks internationally. LTTE targets locally.

  • 2 Mar 2009 22:38:40 GMT

    [Should the world let the LTTE introduce various terror techniques to the world?]

    Aren`t you part of that world? If no - then you do not have the moral authority to criticize but just accept whatever happens and leave it to Natural Justice to deliver as per your individual karma.

    If yes, you are part of that world, then do the work you can first to criticize those whom you think are terrorists and at least those who have faith in you would benefit from it.

  • 3 Mar 2009 00:59:33 GMT

    According to HRW ,Sri Lankan armed forces have killed 2,018 Tamil civilians in January and February in Vanni and that 700 of the victims were children.

    World has been watching the Srilanka a terrorist country, run by best criminal mind government murdereing more than 80000 with corps buried, or burnt alive. watching the whole minority being wiped out. lots and lots innocents named as tigers and gets abducted, dissappered, murdered, woman and including underaged gals in mass amount getting raped and murdered, in out of prisons. more than 80000 dead, continuing to die, of these bombing in , churches/temples, schools , hospitals, in no fire zone area. Blocking all international community from going to the affected area to hide the truth. bombing media from preventing from exposing the truth, journalists, and humanatarian aid personals, minority politicians murdered these ruthless, barbarians of the government forces continue to murder in mass amount, children with amputed legs, hands, with shattered body parts all over the place. blocking all medical aids and innocents including children getting their body parts amputed due to lack of medicines.,food, water to the affected area. These srilankan army forces were trying to solicit/rape underage gals in Haiti when they went as peace keepers and got caught by the media. they thought they could get away like the do in there homeland. FACT. these evil forces even don`t mind killing their own kids to hide the truth. Lots of their own people, journalists murdered who were exposing the truth. Horrific scene in the land of

    srilanka in the north and east. child sees their parents dead in front of them, mother seeing the childrens body parts scattered all over the place, Lot of journalist live in fear, and most left country due to death threats by these government forces. Governments who give criminals high posts / in their group/law enforcement so to hide all criminal/genocide against a race. Government forces continue to buy weapons from terrorist countries from the donated money which were for the affected area people for the purpose of slaughtering /wiping out whole race. now international community comming to senses of the evil nature of the srilankan government, and it is time for international community to put end to these genocide/crimes or of murdering innocent civilians. and treat the minority people as their own people. we cannot bring back those over 80000 dead people, but alteast put these criminals behind bars for worst horrific crimes they have commited.

  • 3 Mar 2009 02:58:42 GMT

    [No because Al Qaeda attacks internationally. LTTE targets locally.]

    My foot. Gaja logic...

  • 3 Mar 2009 03:03:34 GMT

    Mr Brown,

    Is the source Associated Press?

    Or is it Island Editorial?

  • 3 Mar 2009 04:01:20 GMT

    [Aren`t you part of that world? ]

    I know that I`m not. but it is clear to me this Ghandian Gaja is definitely a part of it.

    [we cannot bring back those over 80000 dead people, but alteast put these criminals behind bars for worst horrific crimes they have commited.]


    Definitely, we shall start from Prabakaran who ordered hacking of innocent Sinhala people like dogs in Eastern and Northern villages and killed thousands by planting rush hour train and bus bombs, and suicide bombs who bombed religious organizations must then brought to justice thereafter.

  • 3 Mar 2009 06:33:10 GMT


    [ but it is clear to me this Ghandian Gaja is definitely a part of it]

    Good. We call that ownership. That`s why Gandhi included himself with the untouchables