Golden Key liabilities top Rs. 30 billion

  • 1 Mar 2009 20:27:03 GMT

    [This guy had been `honoured` with Deshamanya and now suddenly became a fraud]

    No surprise! That is Sri Lanka. Just look at the honorary office of Justices of the Peace (JPs). In most countries JPs are respectable individuals of society whose word could be taken for granted as they are par excellence.

    In Sri lanka how is it? JPs are mainly stooges of politicians who are very often criminals. ie. Soththi Upali. Many of these stooges attest documents and charge a fee for whatthey do when in fact they cannot charge for any of their services. The honorary office of JP has been turned into a livelihood in SL.

    If only foreign countries get to know who JPs in SL are and what they are capable of, JPs certification from SL would not be valid anymore.

  • 2 Mar 2009 03:56:46 GMT

    Properties of all the Directors should be auctioned and this money should be used for settling depositors. The Finance Director, Saradha Sumanasekara is running a College (Vidura College) since last so many years...He also own 3 house and 4 apartments in Battaramulla/Colombo. The depositor funds are misused by these people.

  • 2 Mar 2009 04:09:49 GMT

    [o me his intentions were questionable and motives appear to be guided by foreign churches that seek to the destruction of Buddhism which he amply displayed during the past presidential elections.]

    Oh c`mon... why are you being so insecure eh?

    If there`s anybody destroying buddhism today it`s none other than those saffron clad rogue budda puththrayas themselves who have become a disgrace to the very religion they claim to represent...

    The easiest excuse is to pass the blame to some other while conveniently ignoring ones own shortcomings...

    LIttle wonder why we can`t find solutions to our issues...

    cos all we are good at is passing the blame to someone else...

  • 2 Mar 2009 08:23:20 GMT

    About the JP`s comment was spot on I know of a JP from Ja-Ela a strong supporter of UNP and Jayalath Jayawardena made JP during the UNP term.He ran a employment agency that was suppose to send people off to Italy for employment.People who could ill afford has put there trust in him and lost all there money to this crook.He had hand in allocating sections to people to build houses in government land at Dadugama by the bridge.He has taken bribes up front from people to allocate the sections and has sold some section to his own relatives.Last I herd was some of his relative got the boot after the change of government. Some sort of Justice after all.

  • 2 Mar 2009 08:55:56 GMT

    A comment regarding the foreign churches working on destruction of Buddhism in Sri Lanka.A observation foreign Churches don`t have to do nothing Buddhist them self in Sri Lank is doing a valiant job of destroying the Buddhism. But if it feel good keep blaming the foreigners for all the Ill`s in Sri Lanka.Hey don`t feel bad there are hundreds of thousands living in the west still blame the Christianity and the West for all things wrong in Sri Lanka.Sadly personally I haven`t met any one who returned to Sri Lank for good for long holidays? ofcoures for sure.I am sure there are genuine patriot`s but for every single one who return how many is fleeing to the west.

  • 2 Mar 2009 13:23:54 GMT

    Not so long ago This Chairman commented supporting LTTE in Dubai. Now 30 billion vanished . Siphoned to LTTE ? He announced Tigers was fighting to free their land and they are freedom fighters. Do not know whether he was planning to head the Eelam Central Bank or secure banking monopoly in Eelam to his bank.

    On the other hand he may be too old now. I know many culprits cheated him to get money for bogus projects and disappear later. There are many big and small.

    One example is bogus solar power project in India. Few years ago one of his close deputies made him to invest over 1 billion LKR (mainly using profits of Blue Diamonds Ltd) showing fake documents and images. He was managed to show bogus progress reports until he pumped over 1 Billion out of Sri Lanka to his accounts in India and vanished later.

    Always big cheaters were from his close vicinity. Because they are the ones who discover his weakness and trap him in big way.

  • 2 Mar 2009 20:53:08 GMT


    Thank you very much for writing sense with regarding foreign churches working on destruction of Buddhism. This is utterly wrong calmed by the bigoted and stupid people who has nothing good to say because they are not real Buddhists but ignorant idiots.True Buddhism teaches tolerance which is lacking with them.Christian leaders who ruled our island truly safeguarded our national religion and banished the invaders who occupied those places with devales etc.If this claim is true why is that they tolerate so many Buddhist temples mushrooming all over UK and most of the western world?Still our bigots living here talking this BS in these places without any shame.

    Lalith is never an anti Buddhist or anti any thing but poverty,a very generous man and that is his downfall.He must be wondering doing so good noble work why he is ending up in prison.One must give a thought to those rouges that are holding other top positions who are not in prisons for corruption and even murder.It seems being a `Christian` you are picked up for any wrong doing and this is double standards which is not fair.

    It is truly unbelievable that there is a such a scandal in this great national icon which the indigenous people should have been proud of instead it is horrible to hear these allegations so damaging.

    I too have investments there where I find some bizarre legal,business practices which I never heard of else where.For instance one of my floors are given to ceylonco on rent to get the monthly rent only a person with a power of attorney is allowed to receive my rent and this stupid practice which is now followed by other big companies there.I think their managers are creating rules as they go alog and they hold on to the rental cheque for month or so that is sent by their HQ.Either they are full of envy or up to no good,knowing that people like Lalith is known to us still trat us with such audacity.I sold my parents very valuable home in a commercial area and I offered it to Ceylinco as they were looking for a place in this sought out area and I too offered it to the local Govt office who wants to buy that place but the commissioner there sent an agent there to buy it for pittance and when I contacted Mr D.B.Wijetunge he found out that the government had passed 3 times the money that was offered to me which some persons were trying to make a quick buck.So this house was sold to a third person who bought for pittance and Cylinco bought it for undisclosed sum and put up a massive structure.Lalth`s organization had taken him for a ride while he is `doing good`.`I doubt he had the capacity to understand the complexities of business and that had put him inthis mess.Much generated cash may have been badly invested or misused and Lalith should have had chexks and balances as there`s always a pssibilty for his drectors or managers cheating on him.

  • 2 Mar 2009 21:11:11 GMT


    If we can`t belive or trust people like Lalth then whom can you trust in that island?It is frightning and sad that we have fallen to this depth and what hope do we have there?

  • 3 Mar 2009 14:58:35 GMT

    Is it true that Lalith diverted cash to Aust.?

    Heard from a very relaiable source.

  • 5 Mar 2009 06:24:34 GMT

    First he did the similar work with RP who followed his former leader and vanished with Premuka money. Then with KP at Golden Key Credit card company. Moda Sri Lankan thought Desamanya was helping then to avoid Tax by using the name Security Deposit against card than Fixed Deposit. KP could not runway like RP (now in UK as they say) and now he is behind bars with his boss. Both Desamanya and Depositors who cheated the country also to be jailed.