US Senate Panel Discusses Sri Lanka

  • 25 Feb 2009 10:34:28 GMT

    [We also documented cases where the LTTE effectively used civilians as human shields to protect their positions from attack. This is a war crime]. The LTTE is a terrorist organization and they don`t care about war crimes. With all this why is the world still referring to them as a legitimate force. Do they speak like that about the Afghans or Hamas (latter came to power through elections). Even the US bombed a UN office during Iraq, these things happen during war. Talking about people going missing...what about the 250 people held in Guantanamo Bay without a trial. It seems the LTTE is paying the correct people in high places.

  • 25 Feb 2009 13:06:28 GMT

    People cool down..wait and see SL`s genocidal war is becomming more and more difficult to hide...

  • 25 Feb 2009 16:40:11 GMT

    What is this systematic discrimination Casey is talking about. Has be ever been to Sri Lanka? Tamils live all over Sri Lanka and SL has Tamil wordings on currency, stamps and all official/administration media. Isn`t this enough for 14% minority representation. With more than 40 mil: Tamils in India, Tamils have not been recognized in any sort, isn`t it sufficient what SL has done for 2.8 mil: Tamils? 14% is a minority against 72% and why cant they accept it?

    These fools still cannot understand the hidden agenda behind the Tamil Ealam. The International Tamils, some 80 mil: live around the globe without state of their own are trying to create place for them. First by creating Ealam and then pressurize India to separate Tamil Nadu. There is no ethnic issue in Sri Lanka, its a war against terrorism.

    Its high time the world understand this. International Tamils have started using the huge funds they have on buying politicians and journalists to canvass for them, now that LTTE is in the process of extinction.

  • 26 Feb 2009 04:11:23 GMT

    Like to see if Goatabaya and Fonseke go back to US.......

  • 26 Feb 2009 04:58:33 GMT

    [US Senate Panel Discusses Sri Lanka]

    The issue would be more open now with this kind of action. Through that democracy is likely to be strengthened in Sri Lanka through the minds of more investors.

  • 26 Feb 2009 05:43:46 GMT


  • 26 Feb 2009 05:46:11 GMT

    Perum purana bosathwaru!!

  • 26 Feb 2009 06:20:36 GMT

    Here we go again!

    [Prominent Tamil Editor Vithyatharan abducted in Colombo

    [TamilNet, Thursday, 26 February 2009, 05:08 GMT]

    Armed persons and men in police uniform who arrived in three white vans Thursday morning abducted Nadesapillai Vithyatharan, the prominent editor of Jaffna-based Uthayan daily and Colombo-based Chudar-Oli, eyewitnesses told TamilNet. The abduction comes six days after Mr. Vithyatharan was grilled by the Sri Lankan Terrorist Investigation Department (TID). The TID had questioned him Sunday for six hours on news and views that appeared in his papers on Sri Lanka Army (SLA) attacks on civilians in Vanni and about his links with the Tigers. ]

  • 26 Feb 2009 07:57:07 GMT

    [He recommends that international donors impose conditions on economic aid to the government of Sri Lanka. He says those conditions should include an improvement in the country`s human rights record, the resettlement of displaced persons and a devolution of power from the capital, Colombo, to local areas to allow all Sri Lankans to have a greater say in how they are governed.]

    While U.S should be the last country to talk about human rights violations with its notorious record in Iraq, Afghanistan and Gitmo, not to mention its total and unconditional support to Israeli atrocities for more than 60 years, in the best interests of our country, GOSL must seriously address the above issues. If not, we will face serious problems with or without the LTTE.