The last hurrah in Sri Lanka ?

  • 22 Feb 2009 09:23:36 GMT

    [Yes, and remember that for the time being we are all losers. Only after permanent peace is back all Sri Lankans will be winners]

    Losers???? Pissuda???? Did you see the euphoria all over the country??????

    Haeta marunath hithata sapai ada jolly karala!! That is how it is to be looked at! AND that is how we are supposed to look at it. AND that is how a majority are looking at it!!

  • 22 Feb 2009 09:46:52 GMT

    What you refer to is related to the LTTEs current difficult position.

    Defeating the LTTE does not at all mean the end of the problem.

  • 22 Feb 2009 21:04:29 GMT

    [Defeating the LTTE does not at all mean the end of the problem]

    What problem?????

  • 22 Feb 2009 23:49:22 GMT

    And when you defeated them, which you really never will, your country is going to wake up in a different world.

    You have all been so preoccupied by this elimination that most of you don`t even know there is another war going on.

    A currency war, a finacial system break down.

  • 23 Feb 2009 03:13:55 GMT

    [A currency war, a finacial system break down]

    This is seen to be happening all over the world in countries that were high and mighty in terms of economics.

    Economies are in recessio, factories are closing down and struggling to survive even with bailouts, people are being declared redundant, jobelssness is climbing etc etc. BUT look at Sri lanka????? Do you see any of it in SL??????

    Please remember that `One can fall off a bed onto the ground but one that is already on the ground cannot fall from there`!!

  • 23 Feb 2009 04:45:26 GMT

    It seems that Prabakaran has fallen back to his old tactics. Unfortunately can diaspora fund village massacres, while complaining day in and day out for civilian deaths etc.?