Thousands protest against LTTE, demand release of civilians

  • 16 Feb 2009 22:37:50 GMT

    Source...sinhalayans upali news..

    what can you expect??

  • 16 Feb 2009 22:38:51 GMT


    Its TELO...All the same...

    I heard popularity of Douggy boy has gone up in Jaffna...:):))

    He is getting ready to be Chief minister of Northern Province it seems...

  • 16 Feb 2009 22:39:36 GMT

    Hahahahhahohohohohoh the peelam idiots don`t even dare to follow this thread the bastards have nothing to say. That is why they are on the other thread talking about penis sizes poor pathetic morons

  • 16 Feb 2009 22:41:41 GMT

    [I`m the first to reply ]

    You kid :))

    Alright Im the Seventh one

  • 16 Feb 2009 22:42:17 GMT

    Not only the SL news

    check out this link


    Now we can really call the LTTE murdering terrorists and cowards

  • 16 Feb 2009 22:42:47 GMT


    [[ I heard popularity of Douggy boy has gone up in Jaffna...:):)) ]]

    JUSt like TMVP, he also was working in the North.

    He deserves to be the CM in the NORTH.

  • 16 Feb 2009 22:44:01 GMT

    These traitors who lick the arzzes of the sinhala modaya cowards to fill their stomch,still go by the name of TAMILEELAM,even though they say to their sinhala modaya masters that they have given up the demand for Thamileelam.

    TELO=Thamil Eelam Liberation organisation.

    PLOTE=People`s Liberation of Thamil Eelam.


  • 16 Feb 2009 22:44:15 GMT

    Do any one know why the so called bhuddist (unfortunately 70% of them...they say) in srilanka refuse entry to the HH dalai lama or to the HH 17th karmapa??

  • 16 Feb 2009 22:45:04 GMT

    This is sweet news for peace-loving sri lankans !

  • 16 Feb 2009 22:45:10 GMT

    [I`m the first to reply ]


    you are one of a kind we have deal with!!