Mahinda Chintana: Over 98 percent fulfilled

  • 30 Dec 2009 13:14:49 GMT

    Is he talking from his a...?

  • 31 Dec 2009 08:45:50 GMT

    Now get ready for Chintana part two will it be called Percy Chintana?

  • 31 Dec 2009 11:18:37 GMT

    [Is he talking from his a...?]

    Whether he is talking from his a... or his mouth.....he seems to be having MASSIVE support from the people!!! Come to Sri Lanka and sense for yourself!!

  • 31 Dec 2009 12:42:35 GMT

    [We provided fertilizer at the subsidized price of Rs 350 even when it shot upto Rs 9,500. We gave loans at a very low interest, the President added.]

    worlds most expensive Fertilizer.

    Fertilizer is given for permits and people are waiting to receive them...hope government going to give permits to monsoon rains at the time fertilizer reaches farmers their want be any rains.

  • 31 Dec 2009 18:49:06 GMT

    Certainly it is fulfilled !

    Here how it was done....

    - COPE report Rs 33,000 million fraud but no culprits ( because all politicians and henchman are the guilty ones!)

    - Mihin air .... lost 6 billion and then given another 3 billion. When the world economy was suffering and the established airlines were collapsing the brilliant SL politicians ego is what matters! ( whole of heath sector for 20 million Sri Lankans received only Rs 5 billion and no wonder we hear stories such as no surgery at national hospital due to shortage of medicine and equipment !!)

    - Losses identified Air Lanka 9.98 billion, Electricity board 39 billion, Ports Authority 3.5 billion, Petroleum Coop- 7.1 billion, SLTB 4.5 billion, Road development authority 9.9 billion

    - Rs 100 million lost to the SLTB for using busses in the one of the election campaigns.

    - 40 ministers with Colombo residencies claim Rs 100, 000 housing allowance and Rs 35,000 electricity/ water allowance

    - Kalaniya Right Bank water treatment plan costing Rs 8 billion but Rs 200 million lost from substandard steel.

    - Tsunami money Rs 47 billion unaccounted for! Stealing a beggar by a rich person is unheard. These Tsunami victims were worse than beggars at that time as they lost everything they had.

    - Rs 100 million lost due to fraud at foreign employment ministry

    - Rs 150 million spent on 22 presidential advisors

    - 20 ministers having overspent asks for Rs 2.52 billion ( part of over spent is to buy luxury vehicles)

    - Govt. unable to account for Rs 1000 million from Maga-neguma project

    - Colossal fraud at Ceylon Petroleum Coop. of Rs 3390 million

    - SLT telecom loses Rs 324 million in a tender racket

    - Airlanka catering loses Rs 9000 million last yr from a profit of Rs 4000 million the previous year

    - More than 100 ministers ( India with 1 billion has only 22 ) and add the cost of many vehicles, offices, houses, security, assistants ( family members) wasting billions

    - Palaces for presidents family. Who cares for the 20 million citizens?

    - Despite killing of 14 journalists, many assaults on media, other lawless activities known to all Sri Lankans, no one has been arrested. ( but how can they when the god father of underworld criminals is a minister) How low can a govt. stoop down? What is the point of a leader who can not identify a rabid dog?

    - Transparency international says Rs 8 billion spent for presidents election campaign.. ha ha.. who says country needs hospitals, schools, roads, jobs, houses for the poor??

  • 2 Jan 2010 10:11:41 GMT

    He has achieved more development that any other president over 4 years. Roads ,Bridges, Powerplants, IT infrastrucure (ADSL/3G), Inflation is down, CSE all time high, GDP increased from poor to middle income economy . Just think about it...

    Sri lanaka Now Worth = ( 2x X SriLanka with war)

  • 2 Jan 2010 10:14:44 GMT

    [- COPE report Rs 33,000 million fraud but no culprits ( because all politicians and henchman are the guilty ones!) ]

    Did you read the COPE report... It is talking about the Era of Ranil and the UNP gang selling/privatization public properties...

  • 3 Jan 2010 16:21:23 GMT

    [Mahinda Chintana: Over 98 percent fulfilled, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said]

    Unbelievable,.... he normally doesn`t joke. Does he?? MR has improved his skills in humor...

  • 7 Jan 2010 20:30:47 GMT

    [MR has improved his skills in humor...]

    He has to compete with a bunch of jokers like RW/Mongal/Somahansa/Seenu Elvin,... so obviously he has to improve.