Whom to believe?

  • 30 Dec 2009 10:06:24 GMT

    Whom to believe?

    [Women with big breasts are smarter!]

    A bigger bra size not only gives your sex appeal a boost but also reflects your intelligence, suggests a new survey.

    A study conducted in the United States showed that women with big breasts are smarter than those who are less endowed.

    Referring to a Singapore newspaper article, Sin Chew Daily revealed that the study was aimed to find out whether the size of a woman s bust affected her brainpower.

    The study, conducted by a female researcher in Chicago, involved 1,200 women.

    The subjects were divided into five groups, from extra small to extra big, reports The Star Online.

    The study speculated that such women were smarter due to the higher level of female hormones that could result in better development in the brain.


  • 30 Dec 2009 10:08:59 GMT

    Another one, whom to believe?

    [Stare at boobs to live longer!]

    Stare at women s breasts for 10 minutes a day and increase your life span by five years, that s the conclusion of anew study.

    According to a German research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, men who stare at women s breasts for 10 minutes a day live five years longer.

    The study claims that 10 minutes of ogling is equivalent to a 30-minute gym workout.

    The finding has been made after an assessment of 200 men over a period of five years, reports Sin Chew Daily and China Press.

    The men who stare at women s breasts have lower blood pressure, suffer less cardiovascular disease and have slower heart beat, the Star Online reports.

    Gerontologist Dr Karen Weatherby explains that sexual desire leads to better blood circulation meaning improved health.