Karuna, Pilleyan sink their differences to back Mahinda

  • 25 Dec 2009 19:29:53 GMT

    Exactly! This is the calibre of our so called Media Professionals. Any body can write but writing news worthy and balance artcle wih deep analitical detais are the esseance of professioanl journalism. Look at Journalists in India. Probably we will need to replace our journalists with Indian.

  • 26 Dec 2009 18:15:30 GMT

    Strange bedfellows!

    They sleep together before marriage, to separate after the wedding ceremony is over.

    Is this another such case?

    Anyway, the President Rajapaksha requires the support of all races, religions, parties.... to steer the country towards a successful economy.

    Everybody should sink their differences to support the actual President or.... sink together under the SF/UNJVP regime, if by any mischance the ex-soldier comes to power!!