Many more Sri Lanka government MP s will join me Fonseka

  • 18 Dec 2009 04:46:04 GMT

    Be careful who you take, only jumpers, idiots and crooks left.

  • 18 Dec 2009 05:41:17 GMT

    All those UPFA ministers who are mere passengers should by all means leave by the numbers and join SF, that`s one way of reducing the jumbo cabinet, , am sure the President would have also been contemplating how to give marching orders to some of his wayward ministers, am sure this is a blessing in disguise for the president.

  • 18 Dec 2009 12:06:01 GMT

    SF has been talking garbage since he left the Army. The lastSunday it culminated when he gave credit to Gotabhaya for killing LTTE leaders in the Sunday Leader. Now the EU has stopped GSP+ and war crimes charges are just a matter of time against the government. SF has just turned a villain of the nation from being part of the victory group. The honourable thing for him is to apologise to the nation and leave the politics to other people. He in the meantime can goto a school and learn to talk sensibly.

  • 18 Dec 2009 12:06:18 GMT

    All these patriots, fight for democracy, corruption .... when they didn`t get WHAT THEY REQUEST ( a ministry, army chief till 60th aniversary ....). If they were given what they asked, they r staying like key karu balu cook o, saying `Yes Sir`, to everything MR does.

  • 18 Dec 2009 12:09:42 GMT

    [He in the meantime can goto a school and learn to talk sensibly.]

    please do not come to Ananda, or Dharmashoka

    Better going to a night school :)

  • 18 Dec 2009 13:19:26 GMT

    Mr SF has the same attitudes and opinions alike Mr RW and Mr MS who seems to think that the Sri Lankans have no idea of what these three dumb men `say and do`. However, whole Sri Lankans know what`s going on behind the closing doors..Mr SF, since your retirement you have shown us what your are capable of... and that`s pretty much enough to get an idea for any Sri Lankan who has a GSOH and guess what we don`t have a faintness clue of what you`ve been doing so far and needless to say that you are a just puppet who is being controlled with a few strings. It is one thing, I`m most amazed that even a four year old kid can talk sensibly so how come Mr SF, you don`t?? Please, I beg you whatever you do, do not mention that you were educated at Ananda College and that will be most perpetrated crime you could commit to our College. You are an absolute joke and light-weight and disgrace to our country. Mr SF. Please immigrate to the States sooner rather than later otherwise they might decline your green card, you`re worthless!

  • 19 Dec 2009 09:41:17 GMT

    Sarath Fonseka is the Graetest Traiter the nation has ever produced for its own unkuck. The only sensible thing you can do is to get out from this beatiful country and go to Amarica and live a lavish life with your son -in - law who made billins from the war! How can you talk about corruption? How can you stop corruotion when you are the most corrupted person!Get out GoNRALa!

  • 19 Dec 2009 10:17:51 GMT

    SF did the same to WK at Ananda.

  • 19 Dec 2009 12:45:36 GMT

    [SF did the same to WK at Ananda.]

    Problem is : doing such childish things once grown up

  • 19 Dec 2009 17:18:16 GMT

    Does anyone know what happened between SF and WK during their school days? As I heard their rivalry is from the school days....!