US$ 100 m tower building to be set up in Peliyagoda

  • 17 Dec 2009 13:07:51 GMT

    Could it be black elephant?

  • 17 Dec 2009 13:39:53 GMT

    It is good that there is one big tower for all the players. Unless we will have tower garden all over the country. Even now there are too much telecom towers.

    There will be a reduction in capital costs also as they can save huge amount needed to build individual towers for each provider.

    Hope rental charges of this big tower will be in attractive range for them.

    [will be a national icon and tourist attraction.]

    Wow ! We join the club of other famous towers of the world !

    Sure it will be an attraction like other towers.

    You can get an idea of the proposed tower here. (The image of the Kuala Lumpur Tower):

  • 18 Dec 2009 03:05:26 GMT

    If all TV channels also can broadcast using one tower, we may not need to turn the antenna to all the directions..