UNP, JVP pledges of democracy a mirage - Media Minister Sri Lanka

  • 11 Dec 2009 21:07:53 GMT

    [UNP killed 60,000 JVPers in 1989]

    So did the SLFP in 1971.

    When an unlawful uprising is taking place against any elected government to overthrow that government, such government has the mandate of the people to crush that uprising using military might.

    The UNP killed, so did the SLFP!! Minister APY seems to have omitted that part for very obvious reasons!!

    However the UNP/JVP alliance is a total type mismatch when it`s viewed in the light of their policies. It`s a case of Left v Right!! Wonder which way the country will go IF they are able to secure power!

    When it is viewed on their respective stand of the executive presidency that too hangs in total uncertainity as the JVP is hell bent on abolishing it, SF is on record saying it will be abolished but the position of the President will not be ceremonial but with a few powers, while the UNP is hazy on it`s stand muttering various views through vatious `spokesmen`!

    No one knows what general agreement all three have as there is no common view put forward by anyone.

  • 12 Dec 2009 06:31:48 GMT

    Coalition to abolish exex prez and restoring democracy only. Palimentary elections each to their own.

  • 12 Dec 2009 12:22:07 GMT

    [Coalition to abolish exex prez and restoring democracy only. Palimentary elections each to their own.]

    Dear friend,

    As per the law there is no way to abolish exc presidency like that.

    SL president has no power to abolish himself.

    It can only be done with a special resulution passed by over 2/3 majority in parliament and then to be approved by a general referendum.

    Thus the main slogan of the coalition is a fake just to fool the public as they have no credible agenda.

  • 12 Dec 2009 12:39:29 GMT

    Chinwi read below


    tweet bundle from the twitter pages by D.B.S. Jeyaraj

    about minorities

    Mangala says Sarath Fonseka is not a racist & much of what he told media about minorities as army commander reflected views of Government

    ten point

    Mangala says he is confident Sarath Fonseka will implement ten point agreement the General has signed with the United National Front

    many talents

    Mangala says Sarath Fonseka is a man of many talents who is not a puppet & will not hibernate


    Mangala says Sarath Fonseka will continue to have powers as President even after executive presidency is abolished


    Mangala say they have begun consulting foreign Constitutional experts already on abolishing executive presidency by middle of 2010


    Mangala says Process of abolishing executive presidency will commence even before caretaker govt is formed & parliamentary polls are held

    Constituent assembly

    Mangala says they will form a Constituent assembly as soon Fonseka is elected president & begin abolition of executive presidency process

    Truth & Reconciliation

    Mangala says they will set up a Truth & Reconciliation Commission as was in South Africa to find out what really happened during war

    special tribunals

    Mangala says they will look at setting up special tribunals to inquire & punish members of armed forces if found to have committed war crimes


    Mangala says Prabhakaran though dead has won the war as Govt has not won the hearts & minds of the Tamil people & separatist mindset yet remains