Sri Lanka s per capita income grows from $ 1,000 - $ 2,200 - Dr. Jayasundera

  • 10 Dec 2009 23:43:30 GMT

    Infrastructure is the key to long term economic improvement to a country. Roads, Transport, Communication, Energy are few main areas a country should be developed if they have a long term vision. So do not misunderstand they are just for showoff.

    Other things like Cricket grounds and Conferrence halls are necessary to give a better image about Sri Lanka to other countries. Yes, that`s some kind of show off but that`s essential to enhance the image of a country.

  • 11 Dec 2009 03:18:17 GMT

    Agriculture production remain high so as the rice imports some even from Myanmar.

  • 11 Dec 2009 06:51:27 GMT


    well said mate! our guys seems to take figures only on face value without going into ground realities which forms a much complex problem

    anyways...election times so theses sorta statement will continue to flood in :)

  • 11 Dec 2009 08:21:01 GMT

    [Sri Lanka s per capita income grows from $ 1,000 - $ 2,200 - Dr. Jayasundera]

    Hmmm....Isn`t this guy Jayasundera that Supreme Court convicted crook??????

    Horungenda paena ahanney??????

  • 11 Dec 2009 15:07:25 GMT

    Ridiculous. What really counts is the spending power of the people. What do you get for a 100 Rupee note in your local market these days?

    Global economy is not yet recovering, Im afraid. The guys who tell you that just refer to the general situation of the banks, this has improved. But for the simple guy in the street it still means more unemployment, less spending power and more worries. The question is for how long?

  • 13 Dec 2009 02:27:52 GMT

    It is not the per capita income that has increased,its the income of drug dealers,casino kings,the political stooges of the governing Junta who will be funding the campaign for a 2nd term of the most corrupt family based Govt.

  • 13 Dec 2009 12:42:38 GMT

    Not only PBJ but most Ministers repeatedly say, while USA and all countries suffered greatly due to global economic recession, SL was able to withstand it due to marvelous financial management.

    What they say, in effect, is that all other countries did not have as efficient finance managers/economists as P. B. Jayasundara and company. What a joke!

  • 13 Dec 2009 12:47:24 GMT

    I would strongly suggest that the US and other countries, IMF, World Bank, ADB, etc. immediately seek advice from PBJ. :P

  • 13 Dec 2009 21:34:22 GMT

    Thank got, saves the european countries a lot of money.

  • 14 Dec 2009 02:54:59 GMT

    May be per capita income has gone up, but the poorty of Sri Lankans has gone up. The prices of commodities, fuel and transport have gone up by 2-3 fold but income has not increased accordignly. As revealed in the SC hearing we know how you earned money illegally and put that money to your accounts in other countries.