`JVP-UNP TU action irony of fate` - Sri Lanka

  • 11 Nov 2009 07:28:54 GMT

    Only in this country that a communist party will side with a liberal party. These are two parties which killed each other (and I mean literally). It shows that none of them care two hoots for the success of the country as long as they come into power. How else would sundry uneducated cronies get chauffer driven in luxury vehicles and live like royalty. If not for politics some of these people wouldn t be fit to even get a job. Gives a new meaning to the word statesmen!!

  • 11 Nov 2009 10:51:43 GMT

    In developed countries people with a communist mindset was nipped at the bud, why are we tolerating these types of thuggerism, , to any ruling party these people are a real curse past, present & future ,isn`t it possibe to ban this outfit? The UNP once a respected party, it`s unbelievable that they could have any sort of alliance with these thugs. Is RW trying to `cut off his nose to spite his face` or commit harikari if he already hasn`t done so, just b`cos he hates the president?

  • 11 Nov 2009 12:47:57 GMT

    [why are we tolerating these types of thuggerism]

    You mean the type of Dr. Mervin. The type that can smash all election offices of opposite parties, The type that can remove cut-out of all other parties and pasted only the ones from the Ruling party, The type that can kill opposite party members and could prevent even arresting the murders if they are the supporters of the ruling party..

    Could you please let me know in developed countries do you see such type of ruling parties?

    [to any ruling party these people are a real curse past, present & future ,isn`t it possible to ban this outfit]

    Yes you need support of such a party only come into power. After you gain power you have to ban it..BTW, if you do so, how you will get the support of such a outfit again to come into power?

  • 11 Nov 2009 14:36:13 GMT

    Rswkv - Which is worse smashing election offices or getting thousands of our youth killed, remember 88-89 riots? Dr Mervin is a thug alright, but the JVP are far worse. Period!