Trade union terrorism II

  • 12 Nov 2009 05:08:34 GMT

    Rswkv - `Now JVP is the culprit for trying to help worker to achieve their demands when Jumbo cabinet is wasting people`s money for doing nothing..`

    True, no doubt, majority of the ppl will agree with you on this, so why don`t you & your rathu sahodarayas & your partner in crime the UNP do something about it, without kachal but a peaceful protest, regardless of what party their in am sure most ppl would participate. Do you really want this country to progress or not? You talk of the jumbo cabinet, the jumbo cabinet are a handful of ppl & and in no way are they going to be in anyway inconvenienced by this UNP/JVP actions, will only hurt the common working man, is this how they are helping the working class, bloody hypocrites, by trying to destroy the progress and the economy of the country. You ppl can put forth any argument to justify your actions, but anything you say will not justify your actions, no doubt the LTTE did some considerable damage towards the progress of the country, IMO, this type of acts are even worse, cos` its crippling the whole country. And you call yourselves sinhalese, my foot!