unp warns SL Government to keep Hands off Fonseka

  • 5 Nov 2009 23:36:55 GMT

    After SF brought freedom to the country the ungrateful ruling party opportunists are taking SFs freedom away

    This is what you call ungrateful barbarians

  • 6 Nov 2009 03:36:54 GMT

    NO UNPeer did reticule the Forces at anytime. They were fabrications and out of context quotes printed by the Patcha Paththara of the Lake House. Denials by all parties were printed in other Private News Media and electronic but not in the Patcha Media of the GOVT.

    Even SF was informed by UNP hierarchy of this and he has accepted it in good faith.

    Libel cases running to billions filed against the Patcha Papers pending. If the Patcha Papers loose Lake House will have to be sold to pay them off.

  • 6 Nov 2009 04:28:01 GMT

    I think the smarter thing to say right now is for SF to keep himself away from the UNP :)

    the absolutely useless, bankrupt political party lead by a bunch of selfish idi0ts!

  • 6 Nov 2009 21:28:45 GMT

    What is the Truth of this.

    IS SL Prime Minister that BAD a man ?

    [Providing lifetime security for heads of security forces would be troublesome said Prime Minister Ratnasiri Wickremanayake. He said advice from Auditor General s Department regarding this has been requested regarding this issue and he would be able to give a definite reply when he gets the advice from the Attorney General said PM Wickremasinghe.

    During the debate for extending emergency in Parliament today JVP Parliamentarian Bimal Ratnayake said a special statement was made in the Parliament requesting to bring in a special act to provide lifetime security to heads of Security Forces. However, the government has not responded regarding this request he pointed out and asked whether the Prime Minister would give a definite answer regarding the issue.

    In response the Prime Minister said bringing in such an act would create a constitutional problem. He said heads of Security Forces have been already provided with security but providing lifetime security to them would be a complication.

    JVP Parliamentarian Anura Dissanayake making a special statement in Parliament recently had asked that a special act be presented in Parliament to provide lifetime security to heads of Security Forces. At the time Mr. Dissanayake made the special statement the Leader of the House Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said the government would respond to Mr. Dissanayake s request as soon as the Prime Minister comes back from his foreign visit.

    On the 4th Mr. Disssanayake said he had not got a response from the government regarding his request for the special act. Then Chief Whip of the government Minister Dinesh Gunawardene said the Prime Minister would give a definite answer during the debate on extending emergency.

    However, today too the Prime Minister failed to give a definite reply and even when Mr. Bimal Ratnayake reminded the House regarding this request the Prime Minister could not give a definite reply.


  • 6 Nov 2009 22:48:43 GMT

    Where was SF when Ranil became PM...?

  • 7 Nov 2009 01:28:57 GMT

    [Where was SF when Ranil became PM...?]

    he was jaffna commnder no? i remember during those times also he was fighting with ranil against dismantling the high security zones of jaffna.

  • 7 Nov 2009 01:30:41 GMT

    [NO UNPeer did reticule the Forces at anytime]

    reticule? lol. Sober yourself before typing.

  • 7 Nov 2009 01:33:47 GMT

    Sarath Fonseka`s Security has been withdrawn to the minimum from midnight last night even without informing him. What has the Forums has to say about it?????????

  • 7 Nov 2009 01:41:13 GMT


    I am always sober when I do my postings. My postings are authentic and never false, imaginative.Finally, I am no heretic.

  • 7 Nov 2009 01:47:13 GMT


    Lol can you provide a source for your news? don`t give those pro JVP Lankatruth Cr*p. Ranil is talking about Ringin tones these days.. what a Leader..LOL