Now, Vanni Tigers follow Karuna Play critical role in thwarting fresh Diaspora-led separatist challenge

  • 30 Oct 2009 00:16:38 GMT

    The GOSL is proving that the FUNDAMENTALS of Democracy is safe in SL.I mean change of Govt will only occur through the ballot.

    The JVP tried twice,the military coup tried twice, and the LTTE tried in 4 Eelam wars - all failed.The JVP have been rehabilitated to join main stream politics and the present Govt seems to be making a serious attempt to do the same with the remaining LTTE cadres.With the JVP, rehabilitation was not too difficult because their organisation was not internationalised thus there was no foreign interventions unlike what is happening now with the vanquished LTTE who are being continually pushed,prodded and provoked by external forces with ulterior motives.If the likes of the current JVP leaders could be rehabilitated there is no reason why a rehabilitated Karuna should not take the lead in doing the same successfully with the remaining LTTE cadres- in fact in my opinion he is the best suited 4 this task.

    So it seems that the GOSL has served both the terrorist groups- JVP and LTTE with the same spoon in order to protect the population at large and maintaining the sovereign and unitary state of SL.